Sunday, June 27, 2010

NEA under Yaacob disturbing Opposition Parties instead...

We were at Bendemeer market selling our North Star this morning. Someone called up the NEA to come down and check on us. While I keep asking the two nice officers to carry out their duties to summon us and I would admit to selling our papers, they did not take action. NEA under Dr Yaacob should spend more time to check the longkang for debris instead of disturbing opposition parties...

This problem about "illegal hawking" for opposition parties when they go for their ground work and sell their newspaper/newsletter must be solved once and for all.

SDP has tried to apply "hawking license" to sell their papers Democrats before but application was rejected. Most likely nobody in NEA dares to grant that kind of license to opposition parties.

So I would urge NEA to DO THE RIGHT THING, carry out their duties and summon all of us. We will not pay for the summon. We prefer to go to court and go to jail and let the whole world see how PAP government is set to deter opposition parties to carry out their political work on the ground.

Fine all opposition party members, including Mr. Low TK for "illegal hawking". Let's settle this issue once and for all. But in spite of my constant persuasion to the officers to summon us, they have refused and walk away. I actually feel very sorry for them. Someone has sabo them and burn their weekend. Calling their office and sending them down for nothing!

I will let NEA knows where we are going to conduct our "illegal hawking" next Sunday in advance and hope that they carry out their duties properly.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Well said Mr Goh. There must be courage to act as officers on the ground. The NEA has time and again proven to be ineffective, inefficient, incompetent and most importantly and with shame, most irresponsible.

Somehow these people in the service have forgotten that it is the people they are serving and protecting. Their allegiance is to the people and not to the balls-less minister.

Mr Goh, please keep up the good work. Die die also must take down one GRC, we have enough of nonsense from these money-minded ministers!

Anonymous said...

If you contest in the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, we will support you!