Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Caught off Guard Ministers' Ranking

Mr. Tan Kin Lian did a survey on "how well ministers are doing their jobs"

It seems that almost all the "Caught Off Guard" ministers have the lowest ranking, from Raymon Lim (Public Transport) to MBT (HDB).

Goh Meng Seng

Survey: Rating of Ministers, June 2010

Based on 100 replies

13 Mr KHAW Boon Wan (Health) 51.53
7 Mr George YEO (Foreign Affairs) 42.35
6 Mr TEO Chee Hean (DPM and Defence) 39.29
14 Mr Tharman SHANMUGARATNAM (Finance) 38.01
3 Mr LEE Kuan Yew (Minister Mentor) 35.97
1 Mr LEE Hsien Loong (Prime Minister) 33.93
2 Mr GOH Chok Tong (Senior Minister) 33.42
4 Prof S. JAYAKUMAR (Senior Minister) 31.7
15 Dr NG Eng Hen (Education and Defence) 29.64
10 Mr LIM Hng Kiang (Trade & Industry) 27.55
21 Mr LUI Tuck Yew (Information, Comm and Arts) 26.79
18 Mr K Shanmugam (Law and Home Affairs) 25.26
19 Mr GAN Kim Yong (Manpower) 24.74
16 Dr Vivian BALAKRISHNAN (Comm Development) 23.98
20 Mrs LIM Hwee Hua (PM Office, Finance, Transport) 22.19
11 Mr LIM Swee Say (PM Office) 21.43
17 Mr Raymond LIM Siang Keat (Transport) 20.36
9 Mr LIM Boon Heng (PM Office) 17.35
12 Dr YAACOB Ibrahim (Environment & Water) 17.09
5 Mr WONG Kan Seng (DPM and Home Affairs) 15.31
8 Mr MAH Bow Tan (National Development) 12.5

(note: first column denotes what TKL calls "seniority")


Anonymous said...

I guess the 'ranking' has no meaning. All the named ministers deserved to be at the top. I cant help but fell that the top of the list Mr Khaw has not done enough for the poor people.

The medical cost is a result of flawed govt policies. The healthcare system is a farce.

Anonymous said...

Wong Cun't Sing should be the last, not Mah. Vivian BalaYOGaythan should be the second last.