Sunday, May 02, 2010

Please Donate DIRECTLY to NSP

My heartfelt thanks to many supporters who have shown their concerns to me after knowing my intention to sell my flat for NSP election campaign.

Some of you wanted to donate directly to me during my walk about or at other public activities. I appreciate very much of your kindness and support but I have to decline such direct donations. It is a matter of principles that I have to keep my finance very simple and clear without any complications.

I would instead urge my supporters to donate directly to NSP account. But please remember to email us your personal particulars and state the amount that you have donated to after you have banked in your contributions into our party's bank accounts as follows:

National Solidarity Party
UOB account at 933-341-747-9

We are obliged to return or surrender a received anonymous donation (to the authority) if, by accepting the anonymous donation, our total accumulated amount of anonymous donations received for the financial year should amount to S$5,000 or more.

- We are obliged to return or surrender a received donation (to the authority) if a donation originates from a non-permissible source such as:

(i) Permanent Residents and foreigners;

(ii) Singapore citizens who are below 21 years of age; and

(iii) Unincorporated associations which include businesses, societies, trade unions, mutual benefit organisations, professional firms, charities, co-operatives, corporation soles and incorporated trusts.

It is very important for you to provide us your particulars else any anonymous donations which pass the total of $5,000 in a year would be confiscated by the PAP government. Thank you very much.

Goh Meng Seng


soojenn said...

Yes, it would be better keep your records clear and clean, else you know who will come after you and your party... any slightest chance to taint it..

Pigs At Play said...

That's right! PAP-Pigs have the liberty to check your records and not the other way round.
Not least, only PAP-Pigs have the divine right to make honest mistakes.