Monday, May 03, 2010

CNA Talking Point: NCMP Scheme

I was invited to give my views in the Talking Point program about the changes to the Constitutions particularly with regards to the increase in NCMPs in parliament.

You could watch the exchange of views at Channel News Asia website or Youtube here.


J said...

I checked on how Alvin Yeo had performed in the elections. Alas, the GRC in which he is in, Hong Kah GRC, was a walkover in 2006, his only elections.

Therefore, Alvin Yeo has no mandate, while you (i.e., Goh Meng Seng) have got 58,593 votes and a 43.91% mandate in Aljunied GRC.

As a reminder, the NCMP scheme allows opposition members with sufficiently strong mandate to enter parliament with reduced voting rights. Someone who went into parliament with full voting rights but no mandate by another backdoor that is the GRC scheme is just not fit to comment on the NCMP scheme.

Anonymous said...

Will the CPF cut restoration affect voters?

Anonymous said...

Alvin Yeo is really a talking rooster. I feedback his dogs that his Meet the MP session's people occupied our season parking lots in carpark J65 and nothing is done. People going to his sessions always hijack our lots and when we always return home without any lots.

LKYcalledmeDAFT said...

Alvin Yeo caricatured the whole discussion to that about "having a quality debate in parliament". The crux issue is whether the 9 NCMP seats which gives NO voting rights to all the 9 NCMPs (is this fair? You'll be judge of it) in any parliamentary debate is a SOUND solution for many Singaporeans, who want more opposition voices to impact changes to the SLANTED decision-making process over the past decades.

It is ungracious of Alvin Yeo to take pot-shots at Meng Seng for stating his personal views vis-a-vis his party's stand. This shows that Alvin will compromise his personal views to submit to his political master even when his political master are wrong.

It is unbecoming to caricature the discussing to something else. And Gillian Koh did the unthinkable. She played all the sides including PAP. That's why they brought her on.