Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The extend of influx of Foreigners

This is SERIOUSLY interesting. Figures hiding behind statistics!

Ok, there are average 46,300 PR approved each year with 2,200 renouncing their PR same period of 9 years. Meaning, each year, there are about an increase of 44,100 PR.

9 years (from 2000 to 2008 inclusive of 2000 & 2008) of 44,100 = 396900!

Non Residents amount to 1.253m with a another total of 533,000 PR.

It practically means that prior to year 2000, there were only 136100 PR and the number actually increase almost 300% within that 9 years!

For 35 years of Nation building, we only have 136100 PR. But within 9 years, we have an increase of over 300%?

Now you know why HDB flats are so expensive right now.

Goh Meng Seng

News from Asiaone

Two-thirds of PR applications successful

Mon, Nov 23, 2009

An average of 46,300 people are granted Singaporean permanent resident (PR) status every year for the past eight years, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Mr Wong Kan Seng said in Parliament today.

In his reply to Mr Chiam See Tong's question about the number of PR applications received, granted and PR statuses renounced, Mr Wong said that PR applications have been increasing steadily in recent years.

From 2000 to 2008, an average of 74,500 applications for permanent residency were submitted by foreigners each year. Of these, an average of 46,300 applications were successful.

An average of 2,200 also renounced their PR status each year during the same period.

Mr Wong said that the increase in number of people granted PR was due to two factors, namely a strong economy and the need to augment Singapore's population.

A booming economy growth of 6 per cent to 8 percent between 2004 and 2007 meant that Singapore required more foreigners to work here. Most did not intend to stay long term, but "a good many" are well-qualified, skilled personnel who decided to stay longer and applied for PR.

Singapore's low fertility rate also meant that the country would age rapidly and start to decline by 2020 if the country closes its doors to foreigners. This would increase the burden of Singaporeans and the country's competitiveness would decrease.

Mr Wong also said that the Government recognizes that Singaporeans feel anxious about the large inflow of foreigners in recent years.

Singaporeans should not think that all foreigners here are PRs, he said. A large portion of foreigners are here on short-term passes, with 1,253,000 non-residents in Singapore as compared to 533,000 PRs.

While Singapore needs the continuing inflow of immigrants into the country, Mr Wong said that the government is mindful of the concerns of Singaporeans.


cy said...

i think most rational singaporeans are not against foreigner/PR/new citizen policy but they are concerned about the rapid pace in recent years esp. from 2005 to 2009.

i once ate too much and later had to vomit out some of what i ate. similarly,singapore is suffering from indigestion and may be forced to vomit out some later to restore balance.

Anonymous said...

it is a win-win for everyone but the price is a "disconnected" people.

i am sure the authorities are aware of this development but their attempt to integrate these people with ours maybe more rhetoric and superficial than they expect it to work.

imagine, even the locals have since lost the "kampong or community spirit" and we expect this influx of foreigners not to worsen the bond?

the outcome: hot weather cold people or pretentious people at best that won't stick. is that what nation building is about?

Anonymous said...

Itt is shameful! I don't believe that Singapore is bringing in PRs and foreigners because we need their skills.

It's more likely that they are brought in simply to prop up GDP figure then for elites to increase own salary!

I'm saying this because I know how Singapore handles those rotten apples of PRs and foreigners who commit crimes in Singapore and sentenced to jail.

These ex-convicts can remain in Singapore, no sweat!

In fact, elites think ex convict PRs and foreigners are needed so much that they are released from jail EARLY so that they can find a job and compete with us.

Shameful, Shameful, Shameful