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The Bar Chor Mee in Eden Paradize - 伊甸园肉挫面

Translated from a Chinese Forum:

作者:李卖蚬 12:08pm 24/08/2009
Author: Li Mai Hum

顾客:老板,你的招牌上写着“伊甸园肉挫面,mee pok够Q、料多、新鲜又正宗“。。
Customer: Boss, your Sign Board claims "Eden Bar Chor Mee, Mee Pok very Q, plenty of ingredients, fresh and authentic"

老板:对呀,这招牌打了四十几年了。。连大明星李连杰、巩俐也来吃我们近年推出的豪华大碗肉挫 面。

Boss: That's right! We have this sign board up there for over 40years already! Even famous stars like Jet Li and Gong Li came to enjoy our latest introduction of Luxurious BIG BOWL of Bar Chor Mee!

顾客:但是hor, 我发现自从你推出豪华大碗套餐肉挫面后, 那些普通碗的用料好像少了很多,香菇不新鲜、没香味,但你用很多酱油来掩饰,肉碎又掺了肥肉太多。。很失败 。 我希望你往后做的肉挫面,不管是豪华套餐或是普通碗,都能秉持着你招牌上所写的。。

Cus: But hor, I find that ever since you have introduced that Luxurious Bar Chor Mee, you have cut back substantially on the ingredients used for those normal small bowl of Bar Chor Mee and your mushrooms are no long fresh, no more fragrance, but you use more soy sauce to make up for the taste. Your Bar Chor are mixed with excessive fat meat... very disappointing. I hope that for whichever category of Bar Chor Mee you made in future, regardless whether it is Luxurious Bar Chor Mee or just normal ones, you could keep the promise that you have stated on your signboard...


Boss: Hey lad, you are so arrogant!

老板:怎么能做到完全正宗呢?上回有顾客叫一碗肉挫面不要猪肝,但他没讲不要猪肝却说有讲,结果让我教训了 他一顿。。你看,有这么挑剔的顾客叫我怎么能完全做到正宗呢?

Boss: How could we possibly create real authentic Bar Chor Mee? Last time, there is one customer who want a Bar Chor Mee without Ter Kua (Pig liver) but he didn't say so, in the end, I give him a good lecture over it... you see, there are so many choosy customers around, how could I ever create Authentic Bar Chor Mee?


Cus: I don't mean this...

老板:招牌写的只是个抱负,又或者,让你看了感觉爽而已。。那是我们的目标,我们会Try啦。。几时做到? 我不知道了leh!

Boss: Those words written on the signboard are just aspiration, rr just something to let you feel good after reading it! That is our aspiration, we will try lah! When we will achieve that? I dunno leh!

老板:..当初写这招牌的我那拍档已经归西去了,他是个理想主义的人,当初幸亏我把招牌修改了一点,要不然 。。

Boss: That partner of mine who wrote this signboard has passed away, he was just an idealist! Luckily back then, I did some amendments, or else...


Cus: or else what?

老板:不然,招牌上还有”吃了不满意, 原银奉还“的字样。。

Boss: Or else, the signboard will have "Money back guarantee if you don't like it" on it...

顾客:这都不是我讲的重点,我只希望你像以往那样,用心为顾客去煮好你的肉挫面,不要忘记你招牌上的理想, 不要辜负了四十多年来支持你的普通顾客。

Cus: All these are not my main concerns. I only hope that you could just be like the past, put in more effort to cook your Bar Chor Mee, just don't forget the ideology you have written on your signboard. Just don't let down those normal customers who have supported you for all these 40 years.

老板:你这是没有根据的,我要把你带回现实。 事实上,我要你承认四十年来,我们都秉着招牌上的理想,朝着那理想改进。。不然顾客怎么还会支 持我们?

Boss: You are baseless, I have to bring you back down to earth. In fact, I want you to admit that for all these forty years, we have been improving accordingly to the ideals stated on our signboards... else, why would get continuous support from our customers?

老板:你看,我助手也承认,我的儿子也承认,我的姨妈姑姐们。。他们都这么认为。你没话说了吧 !呵呵。。

Boss: You see! My helpers have agreed on that, so do my son, my aunts... All of them also agree on this. Do you have anything else to complain? Haha..

顾客:唉!好心叫你改进,你却听不进去。。我还是别等到以后吃到面里有屎才来"Peg Chek",下回我只好去支持别的摊。这可真是把我带回现实 - 有竞争对顾客才会有好处滴。

Cus: Aiyah! I try to ask you to improve out of good will but it falls on deaf ears... I think I better not wait until I have shit in my Bar Chor Mee then I Peg Chek! Next time, I will just support another Bar Chor Mee stall. This really brings me back to reality -- the customers will only benefit when there is competition.

老板儿子: 你不要走、 你不要走! 这里是伊甸园。。杀!很!大!。。

Boss' Son: Hey, come back, come back! This is Eden the Paradize...Damn!... Very big!...

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