Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ICT, SAR 21 & Loyalty

First of all, I must, again, thank all my comrades, officers and men alike, in my reservist unit for their continuous support of my political struggle. Although I didn't manage to convince anyone of you to join opposition politics, but we do have healthy discussions to enhance our understanding what our nation needs most at this juncture.

Loyalty is one of the key value that we share when we are back for In Camp Training and I am glad that our Commander has made it one of the Core Values of our unit. Yes, even as an opposition politician, I do share this very important and key value of Loyalty to the Country with all of you. We still do salute the very same flag of our Nation. Having different political perspective from the ruling party do not make one less loyal than any PAP members.

During this ICT, we have the opportunity to test our "new" weapon, SAR 21. Well, this weapon is not supposed to be new in Singapore Armed Forces, but for my reservist unit, this is the first time we have our hands on this standard issued weapon. This is a Singapore-Designed, Singapore-manufactured weapon which is shorter but heavier than the standard M16. The good thing about this weapon is that its telescope has increased its accuracy tremendously.

I have written about my ICT back in Jan 2007 which included a range. The conditions of the rifle ranges were very poor back then.

However, this time round, I have a pleasant surprised. The same old range has been upgraded. Toilets are clean and the system has improved tremendously. Although there is still a bit of hiccup on the electronic butt, it was rectified quite quickly with well trained wardens.

I just hope that they could keep up with such standards of range maintenance in the future. It would

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Lee Wai Leng's translation speech is excellent. She can be groomed to be a powerful political speaker.
To be successful in politics, one's speech must be powerful and attractive to the audience. Lee W L has that quality.
GMS, you and those senior opposition leaders should spend more time to develop her.She will be a very good asset to the opposition parties.


Ramseth said...

Is this a terrorist website or what? How come got firearms?

Anyway, I heard the SAR 21 is very easily to strip and smuggle. One corporal on guard duty disappeared from the camp recently and showed up in Orchard Road with a SAR 21.

Anonymous said...

Ak 47 is used by terrorist,SAR is used by good people