Monday, November 24, 2008

Petition Form for Elected Presidency II

Petition Form for Elected Presidency
Note: If you do not wish to disclose your full NRIC, you can show the first 3 digits as XXX.

If you wish to help to collect 100,000 signatures, please print this form and get 20 signatures.

Forms for petition

Please scan the completed form (with 20 signatures) and send to the e-mail address shown, i.e.

Sign the online petition:

Volunteers to help in getting signatures:


tewniaseng said...

Tan KL better join NSP and form a 5 man GRC team to stand election.Goh M S, Tan KL, and get another 3 candidates, a lawyer, accountant and a doctor. Wah, a good team of professional,pap will be worried.

Anonymous said...

I suggest petitioner needs to enter the first 3 digit of nric. This is sufficient for organiser to gauge the level of support by age group.