Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Electoral Culture With New Techonology

For anyone who is concerned about politics in this region, the present elections in Malaysia is one hot spot to keep an eye on. TOC's Andrew Loh has visited DAP in Penang with some WP members last weekend to get a feel of it. While I was unable to make the trip with them personally, I have been reading and watching Youtube DAP political rallies almost everyday.

It seems that this Malaysian election has brought the impact of new media in electoral fights to a new height. The speeches made by DAP politicians are very impressive and powerful. However, broadband penetration rate in Malaysia is low as compared to Singapore and the impact of such internet electioneering may be somewhat reduced or deemed marginally effective.

Nevertheless, this new media electoral culture will be a bigger tide in years to come that no political parties in the world could ignore. In Singapore's context, we are still stuck with a very primitive and unfair election rules that ban political films, songs and even music to be used during election time. We are supposed to be a First World country but it seems that we are really stuck with a Fourth World country politics.

The following are the Election Theme Songs from DAP. Please enjoy. While I was watching these, I was wondering whether talents like Martyn See could help us out to make a First World political theme song next time round or not? :)

English Theme Song Video

Chinese Theme Song Video

DAP Election Campaign Video - The Voice of Democracy, Conscience of Parliament

Goh Meng Seng