Saturday, August 11, 2007

NSP National Day Message 2007

The following is the National Day Message printed on flyers given out on National Day.

National Day Message 2007

National Day is upon Singapore again. It should be an occasion for joy, pride, and hope as the nation and its citizens celebrate nationhood, especially in what the government touted the "Golden Period". Yet, the reality is more sombre.

The liberal policies on indiscriminate admission of immigrants and foreign workers into Singapore have created a massive challenge for citizens. Workers fight for survival against an influx of cheaper alternatives, constantly uncertain about the earning power of their income as they age. While places like Hong Kong are aiming to have 60% of the cohort students getting a degree, our local students are fighting over lesser allotments in schools as the government reserves 20% of places in our universities for foreign students which results in lesser enrolment of local students. Retirement becomes a fantasy as citizens forgo the luxury and work to their last breath.

A declining birth rate means that the ambitious plan to increase the population could only be realised by massive import of immigrants. But how will the rickety infrastructure cope with the accelerated pace of population growth? Are citizens expected to accept, as a way of life, shortages of hospital bed, blood and doctors, crowded buses and trains, traffic jams and more ERP gantries, more compact but costly housing estates?

Citizens have for many years been languishing under the continual horde of increments in taxes, charges, fees, and levies. Healthcare cost continues to leap ahead even as services to citizens are sacrificed to pander to foreign medical tourists. University tuition fees for citizens increased even as government grants state scholarships funded by taxpayers to foreign students, to the point of depriving citizens a place in tertiary institutions.

The broiling property market adds to the chaos for citizens as valuable land is demarcated for more property development. In the process, the property bubble inflates and induces cost of living to rise in tandem. Rent-pressure (notably on Small-Medium enterprises) forces businesses to pass the cost to consumers. All these translate to lesser savings for citizens to cope with daily expenses, emergencies, and old age.

Property bubble benefits foreign speculators and buyers who have no qualms on cashing out their assets at the right opportunity, possibly causing a massive plunge in property price with disastrous consequences for the country and its citizens. Citizens should not have to live with the consequence of being the 'ATM of the world'.

In the midst of these punishments, citizens are further burdened with an incredulous GST hike, which invariably creates an upward inflationary spiral which the government refused to acknowledge is hurting the people.

When national policies reduce citizens to a sense of unfairness, marginalisation, and oppression, can citizens be expected to cultivate a sense of belonging and ownership? Should we be surprised that citizens are fleeing Singapore, and rebuffing government effort to lure them back?

And will our national identity fade away as foreigners and naturalised citizens outnumber the original citizens? Can we expect the foreign arrivals to assimilate overnight? Or are we to accept the dilution of our national identity?

Do Singapore citizens have substantial reasons to celebrate National Day with a real inner sense of joy, pride, and hope? Do you want to leave this legacy for your future generations?

National Solidarity Party
Central Executive Council

国 庆 献 词












Anonymous said...

Are you speaking in your personal capacity or on behalf of NSP ? Did you have permission from NSP to publish its national day message on your personal blog ?

Please clarify.

Anonymous said...

Empty vessels make the most noise. As long GMS remains in NSP, I will NEVER VOTE for NSP in my life!

Freethinker said...

GMS is becoming a liability to NSP. Everytime he opened his mouth, trouble seems to descend on NSP. Just look at his latest internet faux pas with Chia being published in the papers. Sebastian has no choice but to defend him for the time-being as he was the one who roped GMS into the CEC, had he condemned GMS, wouldn't he be slapping himself ? But I believe GMS will be sacked from NSP sooner rather than later. I don't see him taking part in the next GE. For goodness sake, GMS, please quit politics for the good of Singapore!

Angry Singaporean said...


I am extremely appalled and flabbergasted by the comments made by NSP CEC member Mr Goh Meng Seng when he compared last week's NDP performance to Halloween and the Ghost festival on an internet form.

He has been slammed by many in these 2 threads:

Goh Meng Seng says he hates Singaporeans


NSP CEC agrees that NDP is full of crap


In doing so, Mr Goh has disparaged the efforts of the NDP participants who have spent so many months preparing for NDP.

As a political leader, Mr Goh should step forward to clarify his insensitive remarks made in a public forum. What will foreigners in the forum think of Singapore ?

Is Mr Goh's views shared by the NSP CEC members ? Perhaps NSP would like to release a press statement to clarify this.

If not, I will write in to the FORUM to demand an official explanation.

Angry Singaporean

Anonymous said...

Gosh, how can NSP compare NDP with Halloween ? As a participant of the NDP, I am really pissed off by the insensitive remarks by Goh Meng Seng. Did ever take part in NDP before to understand how much sweat and blood the volunteers have to put in ? My vote is definitely not going to him in the next GE. Shame on you, NSP !

Anonymous said...

Gossip-monger chow ah kua Gah Men Sent has the hide of a cow to wash dirty linen of WP in Sammyboy forum, what is he trying to do ?
Wat a F**Kup piece of SHIT!

BullshitGMS said...

Please ask your friends to visit GMS's "alternative" blog:

Anonymous said...

I hope NSP will give us an explanation of the comments made by Mr Goh Meng Seng. Otherwise we will write to the Forum to seek an answer.

Mr Goh, what do you mean exactly when you describe the NDP as Halloween ? Are you belittling the efforts of the NDP volunteers ?
Please answer instead of pretending that nothing has happened.

Lee Siah Meng said...

I've already written to the NSP CEC to ask for clarifications for Mr Goh Meng Seng's insensitive remarks on the NSP and has yet to receive a reply from them.

Don't tell me they agree with him ?

Anonymous said...

Where is GMS ? Is he hiding in Hong Kong again to take part in their protest march ? Wu Qi to go to HK, bo ji to protest in SG !
Shame on you, GMS !!!

Steven Cheng said...

Is this the official NSP blog ?

How come I see NSP official releases being posted here ?

Is Goh Meng Seng authorized to speak on behalf of NSP ?

thinkall said...

Where are you, Mr Goh ?

We are waiting for you to lead us on 8 September !

Please share your protest experience in HK with us !

Rest assured we wun get you into trouble !