Thursday, August 09, 2007

National Day Specials

It is yet another National Day. I have planned to write a special article about "Core Values" of our Nation initially but it seems that I will have to do it later in the month.

Today is a busy day for both my NSP colleagues, my ex-WP colleagues and I. WP members have gone around this morning to wish Singaporeans Happy National Day. NSP members have also gone to Tampines & City Hall MRT station to wish Singaporeans a Happy National Day. We have also given out a very well designed flier which contains our National Day Message to Singaporeans. At the same time, we also gave out free National flags to children.

Early this morning, I received a SMS about Martyn See's latest social film specially released on National Day. This is one of the best local films I have watched so far on the net. I love the way he uses the recording of Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) song for the first part of the film. It adds local favor to the whole production. This production is basically showing the plight of the under-class, under privileged, financially poor citizens we have in Singapore, in spite of the many self-proclaimed World Class achievements PAP government have made.

Incidentally, I have written a Chinese poem today based on the inspirations I get from yesterday's Chinese evening newspaper:



It somehow coincides with Martyn See's theme.

In this PAP's self-proclaimed "Golden Period", there are still many Singaporeans are living just above porverty line by an urban standards/. There are still people picking cans to make a living. There are still people begging for money and there are still people selling tissues to make enough for their three meals.

Just let us pause for a moment in this celebration mood to ponder about what we have achieved for these citizens of ours. They may not be "elites" or "talents"" but they are definitely one of us.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Do you think it's an "achievement" to distribute flags to children on National Day ??? This only shows you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO !!!!

DO you call this engaging the PAP ???

Besides quarreling with ordinary citizens, what else can you do, you gossip-monger??

Kaku said...

Sometimes the best decision isn't the most popular. No matter what happens, we indeed have one of the lowest GST in the world. (other than Hong Kong etc.) Taiwan have 90+% of degree graduates (mostly government heavily subsidized) , yet their average pay is $1400+ / mth. But indeed we can still help the needed, but it should come more from the people around them by giving them more encouragement and motivation. (other than govt grants) That's where we should improve the educational system and include more moral values. But I do have to agree the medical fees are high in Singapore. So are the flats in Singapore. 200,000+ for a 4-room flat? That's a bit crazy! No wonder singaporeans do not have enough to retire! Housing is a major issue why people dun have enough in their CPF when they retire.

Anonymous said...

Stop hiding, Mr Goh, when are you starting the MP Mentoring course which you claim you are pioneering half a way ago ???