Monday, April 11, 2005

Focus to Win

As an opposition working towards Alternative, I think it is important that we stay focus on the course to WIN as many seats as possible first. Only when we are able to prove ourselves capable of winning, people will converge and believe in our work. Hopefully by then, more people will come forward and make their effort count.

The following is a list of good advice given by a forumite named Talk No Action:

By Talk No Action


I think the WP should do what it
believes is good for Singapore and Singaporeans.
There will always be characters that oppose
the PAP but will not share the same philosophy
as WP. It is not enough for these people to agree
to disagree but they turn on to attack the WP, that
helps PAP by dividing the opposition and
weakens all opposition through disunity.

I think even if opposition parties/supporters
don't agree they should not resort to bitter attacks such
as those you were subjected to.

I always thought there are certain strategies that
are more effective against the regime than others:

1. Concentrate on gaining support. That is the basics
of politics.

2. Watch your enemies weapons to avoid attacks. Seeing
how the regime cull its opponents and render them powerless,
it is common sense to avoid stepping into the trap. Of course
some will be sacrificial lambs to show the ruthlessness of
the regime, but others must avoid destruction.

3. To be successful as an opposition party, plan and strategize to win. Embark on winning strategies to win support. To be successful, recruit successful people, that will strengthen the party and win support.

4. Don't not allow your opponent to destroy your integrity & reputation. Politics is dirty. You opponent will tarnish you anyway they can, whenever they get an excuse. Never step into the trap. Remember the regime control the press and use that to crush your reputation. Just don't give them a chance.

5. Know the people and their aspirations. People will vote for you if you help them to get what they want. The PAP is the master of this. They know what matters and what promises to make to win votes. While important issues of human rights, people's rights may not rank high on people's mind, the bread and butter issues appears to be what concerns them.

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