Wednesday, April 06, 2005


For so many years Singapore has been deprived of a real alternative to PAP government. What's wrong with that? Many will ask.

Political failures may just occur, just like any companies around the world. We have witnessed the sudden fall of Enron which put too much power onto too few people. We have also witnessed the abrupt fall of China Aviation Oil in Singapore, due to some stupid mistakes made by a few individuals. Big companies could fail suddenly, so could Singapore Inc.

Theoretically, PAP will tell us that voters could vote them out if they failed. However, where are the alternatives for voters to choose from? After decades of suppression and deterrence of the natural growth of alternative politics, PAP has deprived the voters the vital choices available in most democratic societies.

PAP might have provided good leadership in the beginning, giving us good growth and prosperity, but this is nothing "GREAT". "GREATNESS" is not derived from providing material well being to citizens as a government. What is "GREATNESS" then? The founding fathers of United States has written a constitution that in fact, put a check on their own powers. That's "GREATNESS"; when you have power, you are willing to have it checked and balanced. You are thinking of the well being of the Nation beyond your own self. That's Greatness.

Thus, if people ask me if PAP is "GREAT", I simply say no. They are not looking forward, for the betterment of Singapore BEYOND THEMSELVES.

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Anonymous said...

"If anyone wants to be great let him be the servant of them all"
This is a great statement made by a Master Mentor, whose servants are spread out all over the world , serving without any selfish motive or selfish gain.
Of course there are wolves in sheeps clothing, that appear every now and then , here and there.
White garments doesn't make anyone pure or honest or GREAT, Often times it is to cover the rotteness and decay that is within.
This Master Mentor had sharp words for the Pharesee Hypocrites .
No matter how white washed a TOMB is ,or how GREAT a tomb is , a tomb is a tomb with skeletons inside.