Saturday, February 23, 2019

PPP Singapore Budget 2019 Forum

Budget 2019: Political Gimmicks without Bold Vision

 The PAP Government will be announcing their Budget statement on 18 Feb 2019.

People's Power Party will issue our statement, responses and views on this Singapore Budget 2019 in this Forum.

Guest Speaker: Mr Tan Kin Lian

Agora Singapore
28 Sin Ming Lane, #03-142 Midview City
Singapore 573972, Singapore ,


As seats are limited, please RSVP.


Anonymous said...

"Budget 2019: Political Gimmicks without Bold Vision"

So? Can PPP and/or TKL win to be part of govt after next election?

If not, how to have a better Budget? By just having a forum with TKL speaking?

And TKL has been speaking for a long time, even before 2011, isn'it?

Anonymous said...

Current government policies have created a generation with 'money solves everything' mentality. Young bumps into luxury brand car without damaging it and being nervous he rides off. The luxury brand car owner - being a fully paid up member of the 'money solves everything' brigade - of course wants money, money, money!!! Breeding a justification of super ugly people.

Anonymous said...

Breeding a justification of super ugly people ? A young lady brought her niece to Ikea. Being an adult we can asses the dangers for the young and teach them why certain activities should not be safe. We cannot go on protecting them for life unless wrap her up in cotton wool and leave her at home.

Shame that she put the blame on everyone except herself that she did not size up the dangers before letting the poa pei in the ballroom.

Anonymous said...

If someone cause you pain, practice being your attention here and now and your thoughts subside when you focus on your happiness.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

People make decisions based on factors not on pure logic.

Anonymous said...

Same people doing things the same way will end with same results.

Anonymous said...

many double head snakes.

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