Monday, June 04, 2018

Solutions to HDB-CPF Mess MUST Address These Issues

Solutions to HDB-CPF Mess must address the following few issues:

1) Provide stability to the HDB resale market, preventing big crash or huge hike in prices.

2) Solve the inadequacy problem of CPF for retirement due to HDB purchase

3) Solve the insolvency problem of old HDB flats above 40 or 50 years old.

4) Guard against oversupply of HDB flats in the long run

5) Tackle the potential problems of massive expiry of 99 year lease in less than 60 years time.

6) The system of Valuation of HDB Flats has to have realistic reflection of leasehold terms of flats.

7) Cater to the needs of an ageing population with changing social-housing reconfiguration.

8) Choice and options for Singaporeans should be widen.

9) Re-calibrating social mindset and financial system to treat HDB as public housing, a consumption good instead of investment good.

This list may not be exhaustive but the Core of problems which need immediate solutions to address the short-mid-long term needs of the Nation.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Allow a couple to take up a longer housing loan provided that a 30% down payment for deposit is justified. This will enable them to purchase a bigger home for kiddies and helpers with comfort - undilute their money for other expenses.

When the children are grown up they will purchase their own home -and move out or they can take over the mortgage.

When the children move out -the couple can than purchase a smaller unit and redeem the loan. Win win situation for couples and their children

Anonymous said...

I also not sure. Think gst collection is about 11b? Give pple 1b?

Anonymous said...

No matter how much No matter how famous....beautiful one is....truth is we are all ordinary......we face our share of setbacks...loss and heartbreak. We face challenges that the government policies imposed on us. Death will accompany all in the final days.... even the ones who inflicted their power and misery on us. Don't believe.... ask our founding father LKY.

Anonymous said...

"Girl, how's the going?"

"As usual."

"Well, what's been happening lately?"

"Not much."

"Do you have any plans?"

"I cannot make my own plans. They only listen with the intend to reply. They are making all the plans for us through their own paradigms and prescribing our spectacles according to their own prescriptions."

"Who are you referring to? Not me I hope."

"Off course not you. You are one of the few with empathetic listening, not reading autobiography into people's lives, giving humans psychological air to breath and you just not look at your own head and think you saw the world!"

"Well I hope you are right as I have not met such self-centered people yet, funny."

Anonymous said...

all it takes is a strong desire of genuine service.

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