Tuesday, May 01, 2018

People's Power Party Labour Day Message

People's Power Party Labour Day Message

First and foremost, our deepest condolences to the family of Pte Dave Lee Han Xuan who had died of heat injury. PPP takes a serious view on such death of our NS men as they are all underpaid service men without proper insurance coverage by their direct employer, SAF.

We have heard of constant boast of the SAF on how advance their medical service is, especially in dealing with common problem of heat stroke among our soldiers, but yet, we are still losing a good soldier like Pte Dave Lee. Such Death is really one too many and it shouldn't happen in the first place if proper protocols are observed. We urge the authorities to hold an independent inquiry into this incident with external audit on the processes and protocols.

Work place safety seems to be neglected in many other places as well, including GLCs. The recent case of technician bringing PSA to court for exposing him to cancer causing substance asbestos resulting him to develop lung cancer is one fine example. We would not speculate how the court will make their judgement on this case but the fact that PSA had brought its defence based on technicality (of 15 years legal claim time frame) instead of admitting its management neglect and make good of its mistake, is a glaring display of irresponsible corporate culture and management. We condemn such irresponsible management culture which disregard work safety practice that put our workers at great health risk. It is totally unacceptable for a Government Linked Company to attempt brushing its corporate responsibility towards its workers' health safety aside via mere legal technicality.

For all workers in Singapore, we only want to earn our money in a safe environment and return to our home safely to enjoy the fruits of our labour. On top of that, we want to protect the value of the money we had earned but it seems that PAP government has been creaming off our hard earn money through increasing prices of electricity, water tariff, gas, etc. Inflation is the number one enemy to workers and inflating prices on basic necessities is the most damaging to our workers.

To add salt to injury, PAP government has announced that they will be increasing GST from 7% to 9% in the near future! We do not see the need for PAP government to increase GST when it continues to enjoy hefty surplus throughout the years. We do not even see the need for PAP to have GST at all when they are creaming off the returns of our CPF money which was invested in the two Sovereign Wealth Funds; they reportedly earn huge returns more than 4% but we are only given 2.5% to 4% for our CPF savings!

PPP would also urge financial prudence to many Singaporeans who are pouring huge money into their HDB purchases. Whenever there are reports of record high transactions of HDB flats in the resale market, we are very worried. Contrary to what PAP has been propagating throughout the decades, HDB is largely a consumption item rather than an "investment nest" which will help you to fund your retirement. The mis-selling of Asset Enhancement Scheme is politically motivated but financially misleading to all Singaporeans. Any increase in HDB price should NOT be celebrated but be feared as INFLATION on our consumption. The truth is, you will be paying more "property tax" on your HDB if the prices in the resale market continued to increase! But ultimately, our HDB flats will be ZERO in value when its lease expired and there will be little chance of SERS.

We would urge Singaporeans not to be misled by PAP's propaganda into treating your only home as some "great investment" for retirement. Paying huge amount of money, up to million dollars will only increase the cost of your consumption of housing and will not make you rich at all.

While PAP had always boasted about how well our GDP has grown, we would urge all Singaporeans to do a reality check of your salary increase in comparison with GDP growth rates. If there is a shortfall, it would mean that all these talks of good economic growth are quite meaningless.

Last but not least, we wish all Singaporeans a Happy Labour Day.

People's Power Party Singapore


Anonymous said...

I largely agree with and support PPP's May Day Message.

But I also think that while PPP, or for that matter any other opposition parties, can send whatever messages and however significant the message may be, this will most likely fall on the deaf ears of those who have the mandate, authority and resources to take action.

And this will happen for as long as PPP and the other parties are not strong, united and ready to be govt to replace PAP.

So you being PPP SG, any updates for PPP? Getting any stronger (in terms of membership) since Sep 2015?

By the way, why is PPP still using TKL's office address?

Anonymous said...

Max 3 smoke boms but can throw 5 smoke boms They got away. Judge also difficult. They cannot fine mid wrong cause wait all start sue than become no army training. When sue those court decisions reveel that they don't want to take chance to kenna remove. Millennials and coffi shop people can think even. Sure one. Garentee pretend to investigate. Than close case said what they only choose to see and hear. Standard.
Dave God ultimate.

Anonymous said...

Why Barisan National will win ?
If they don't the lights will turn dark.

Why do we need a super nice infrastructure country?
To rectify and balance up a small bunch of ugly people and leaders.

Anonymous said...

When everything around us is with heavy and sadness in our hearts, we should stop and ask,"what have the country done to deserve such misfortune?"

Anonymous said...

Ask God that this episodes of such sad testimony of truth into the lives of many others.

Anonymous said...

Why my family did not vote for them. My spouse was attached to a bank which was ceasing operations here in 2015. We spent our days and nights worrying when the next pay check coming in or if getting the next job would be equivalent to the same or similar offers. Before the election booklets were put in our post-box. The booklets contained articles of one plot of land nearby was going to put up for sale for private housing. Somewhere nearby there will be a park and covered walk-way and so on. There were only infrastructures and beautifying the country one hundred per cent. There were no mentioned about growing the economy, policy change of HDB to 120 years or cost of living or a gracious or kinder society. We are not looking forward to the 4Gs. They are unstable and have poor priorities. They have not been poor and cannot relate to the Singapore normal families e.g Jake Seet.

Anonymous said...

Remove the Defence Mister. He is trained as a doctor not defence.
Remove GST. There are more than enough in reserves with high GLS.
Remove ABSD . Consider another form to cool prices.
Make public housing cheap and good.
The Finance Minister should not be next PM if he is the one who came up with increasing GST.
CCS has no charisma.
If this continues PAP will be losing badly in next GE.Period. Goodies cannot sell.

Anonymous said...

Humans need air water food. Having babies need time money space.