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TOTD: The Great Asian Political Idealist 12 Nov 2017

Thought of the Day - The Great Asian Political Idealist

Today is the Birthday of a Great Politician of Asia in 20th Century, Dr Sun Yat Sen.

In remembrance of this Great man, I shall dedicate my Thought of the Day to talk about his greatness.

Many people would have mistaken the source of greatness in Dr Sun. Rightfully, he is credited for bringing the fall of Imperial rule in China, although in actual fact, the success of 1911 mutiny and revolution wasn’t part of his deliberate efforts at all.

It was his inspiration, undaunted effort in advocating the topple of the Imperial Qing Dynasty that gained him great respect among his contemporary revolutionists.

However, his greatness in politics didn’t stop at that. He wasn’t exactly the top politicians in politicking and in fact, he had failed in his politicking efforts when he conceded his position to Yuan Shi Kai who tried to reinstate Imperial rule to modern China again.

His main contribution to the world, especially to the Asian political arena, lies in his political ideology of Separation of Five Powers and the Three Principles.

The concept of Separation of Five Powers is especially profound and herein lies the main difference he had against the Western Democratic ideology.

Although he was against the Imperial rule in China but he recognized the strength of the political administration which was installed and implemented by the Imperialists. This is a five thousand years legacy of Chinese wisdom in political management. He recognized that throughout history, China had always been the country which possessed the most sophisticated and advanced political management system as compared to their contemporaries. Many foreign states wanted to emulate its complex political administration and in fact, its neighbors were greatly influenced by its system. These include Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

The scholar system which Chinese dynasties had implemented throughout history ensured basic competency of the control and management of the country regardless of who was the Emperor. Even when the Emperor was just a 10 yea old kid, the scholar system would ensure basic competence in the running of the Empire.

The Chinese dynasties also valued the importance of Checks and Balances. There would always be periodic Audit checks carried on various local governance by Special Envoys empowered by the Emperors themselves.

In the inner court, they Emperor would appoint special officials empowered with the Power of Impeachment. They were allowed to speak up their mind and criticize court officials and even against Emperors without any dire consequences.

The most important institution of the scholar system was the Board of Examination. The Chief examiner would make sure the selection process for the brightest scholars from the country was done properly.

These selected students would then be fielded into the respective departments of the Empire administration.

The Western countries didn’t have such complex system of political administration until much later in the 18th or early 19th century. The idea Checks Andy Balances was actually first implemented in the Chinese dynasties as far back as 4000 years ago!

Thus even Dr Sun was heavily influenced by the western ideology of democracy, he realized that China itself had a much superior system of political administration.

However, the most common problem faced by past dynasties was the corruption of powers via full concentration of powers by One or few court officials, other than the Emperor himself.

Thus, he had raised the importance of the Separation of Five Powers, instead of the Three powers advocated by the Western world. Other than the Three powers of Executive, Judiciary and Legislation, he added two more powers that were inherently the most critical for superior political administration..... Power of Impeachment and Examination.

The Power of Impeachment is equivalent to the modern days Corrupt Practice Investigation Bureau and Audit General. The Power of Examination was catered towards the important Board of Examination which was the gate keeper of selection and appointment of scholars to civil service positions. Basically it refers to the power of selecting, appointing and promoting those who work for the government. These two are the critical powers for clean, effective, efficient and competent government.

The contribution of Dr Sun in raising the significance of these two powers should not be underestimated. Many of the problems we are still facing right now, even in 21st century, is how incompetency creeps into the political management of countries when the Power of Impeachment is lacking coupled with cronyism infestation when the Power of Selection and Appointment is totally corrupted.

This is the reason why my comrades and I decided to form People’s Power Party using Dr Sun’s profound ideology of Separation of Five Powers as the pillars of our Core Value.

PPP will strive to pass on the legacy of Dr Sun’s greatest political ideology which will always be relevant to good governance in all centuries ahead.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

不敏感的野蛮人 When families do not have enough funds, they cut down on luxuries like travelling, eating out, shopping and unnecessariness. Wives and mothers had to go out for a second income to get killed by a bus.
The insensitive barbarians when do not have enough funds can just find old ideas to increase payment from the people.

Sincerity ?

Anonymous said...

This country is gearing for the super rich. Its a great country if you are a billionaire.

Anonymous said...

3 guys met at a bar. The 1st boasted that that he is a shepherd and that his sheep are valuable for leather rugs. The 2nd boasted that he is a cowherd and that he gets milk from milking the animals. The 3rd was a swineherd and he thought hard what he could gain and from his pigs.
Than without boasting he said he could be as lazy as a pig and he could called his swine.

Anonymous said...

They may not have iconic or too futuristic technology. But most what we wear or use today has footprints of Made in Vietnam, Made in China, Made in India and consistency followed by some other 3rd world countries. We look forward to a day where the other countries could use or wear Made in our country so as not to cause problems about investment here. We cannot compete at a level other countries can offer that is cost.
Phuket attracts tourist like flies to honey. They can't be fault to their old-world charm, the friendliness , their laid-back life-style and its cost effectiveness.

Anonymous said...

PPP will strive to pass on the legacy of Dr Sun’s greatest political ideology which will always be relevant to good governance in all centuries ahead.
Goh Meng Seng

Goh Meng Seng, can you don't mind give readers an update on the membership status of PPP since last GE?

It is pointless for a political party to advocate political ideologies or what not when they are just "mosquito" parties, or worse had remained and continue to remain so.

Anonymous said...

We should embrace and participate in the government spending? They have a good team of "pets"
who is only preoccupied with implementing their very own opinions.
It must be very painful for them to instill TDSR,LTV and minimum sum CPF ( most views here not forgetting ABSD)when some insurance agents and tour guides have the goose* that they think lays the golden eggs* to fall on.


Conflicting rules?

Anonymous said...

Work more same pay.
Work less also same pay.
If they are employee, would they work more or less?
Less than 50% will give the real answer especially the civil workers?
Tio boh?

Anonymous said...

The severe budgetary gambling problems for governments due to these extravagant spending years both national and local, the citizens will continue to monitor market developments and take appropriate actions where necessary to " maintain a stable and sustainable country".

The economy is not booming and lavish spending on publics money -not private money, would led to many severe consequences for the constituencies .

No body can accurately predicts the market so why not let people be-" THEIR OWNERSHIP SOCIETY "- for taking ownership of our future for once.

The one month bonus wasn't it due to the improving economy?

Banks are here to make money, mot lose money. Please do not have a tendency to underestimate them. They are in business as they do make conservative preparations for bad outcomes.

Nothing is "full-proof" so might as well the AM-A-ASS put their nose to more urgent and useful matters for each and every one of its citizens than punishing less than 5% of the enbloc sellers.

Anonymous said...

Developers money bank is not bottomless. Not like some millionaires. As long as you are within that circle ,your pay-cheque is bottomless.

Anonymous said...

That's the kind of people in MAS that needs to go. They are the spoilers for the S'pore brand.

Taxes going up?
GST going up?
Development charges up.
Your assets are suppose to be down.

Anonymous said...

The headline was screaming 'ENBLOC DEALS' It did not scream 'GOVERMENT LAND SALES' pose risks to sustainable conditions in property market.
Who can we trust nowadays when what they blow out seemed too contradicting.
One from MND even suggested that they are monitoring and will release more GLS for sale if needed. Now I really hate them. More so after the passing of LKY.

Anonymous said...

They have a job to do and due to the story of "the fishball stick" , they have to choose their words wisely. Its easier to blame the enbloc that the GLS . One way or other its the people who is causing the problems not them. I also hate them.

Anonymous said...

Authoritatively and historically they were the ones who impose every dot. of the rule. The

moral problem is the final product was one and every one followed the tedious and

冗长 rule. Their rules based on their abstract boring and technical theories based on

personal observations or ill-founded prejudices. Finally its still the public who ended up

as sacrificial lamb. Berapa lama kita harus bertolak ansur dengan pemikiran mereka.

Anonymous said...

Maybe what we heard could be true. That their accounts may be in negative territory. This is a warning to the people who has the enbloc opportunity to get ready that if any measures that may come out to squash enbloc so that there are no competitors for their high land sales. That way they need not raise taxes and GST so as not to jeopardies their election results. Taxes and GST involve a lot more votes than aggravate a small number of enblocs hopeful for a little votes. They can get billions from land sales plus gst. Their problems are solved. Very smart. At times what we hear is true.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In the recent couple of years developers have been quickly restocking their land banks, there is a limit to how much money they can borrow / spend to finance such restocking exercises.

Once they have what they consider to be sufficient land, or they have either depleted their cash reserves or exhausted their finance facilities, the current en bloc euphoria will naturally dissipate.

As the old adage goes 'the early bird catches the worm' hence the rush for a lot of estates to expedite their respective en bloc sales.

Anonymous said...

$1960 ppr.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Population growth will be steady and gradual. The labor , concrete ,steel and so on will keep the economy moving in the new home construction. Those who has been unemployed especially the estate agents have moved to become uber and grab drivers. Even graduates are driving uber and grab because of the freedom of time and flexibility.

Anonymous said...

GST should not be increased as the basics will be affected. Road taxes and maid levies should go up as these are considered luxuries. If one can afford one hundred thousand cars they can well afford the 50% increase in road taxes.

They might not agree to this suggestion as gst gives them huge sums of money very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Developers are bidding aggressively . They are ignoring some leaders propaganda and doing
exactly the opposite. Why? Because they cannot be trusted anymore? The respect had deteriorate.

When Lee Kuan Yew speaks stock markets move drastically. That's the difference between the past and the present. He found solutions, instead of penalising.

Anonymous said...

Simplicity should be in. The world has become much more complex with information continually increasing. No human read or watch every single news. That's just not possible.
Complexity should be out of style. Complexity busy our lives with technology advancing at such a rapid pace. People respond healthily to simple.

Anonymous said...

When LKY son spoke about the financial account, the whole country took notice.

The incoming PM combine with the design with its current president, its the people that may need tweaking spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Anonymous said...

The purchase of land is for the years down the road.

Anonymous said...

The central bank also urged prospective buyers to remain prudent. “They should also factor in potential increases in their debt servicing burdens if interest rates rise and rentals fall given current elevated vacancy rates," it wrote. From the muther farkers
Read more at http://www.channelnewsasia.

Guess what? We were not able to re-finance to some smart arses policies and we are sure that there are many in the same shoes as us. But we have managed to pay the high interest rates for the past few years . Before the bank proceed to approved loans they based the monthly repayments on the highest interest rates in event that the rates does rise. When things like this comes out from their mouths this is evident that they don't know what they are talking about other than going through the motions

Anonymous said...

Living is expensive but lives have become cheap.


Anonymous said...

Financial economist tend to fall back on pristine models to justify their professional position. Relying too heavily on pristine models runs the risk of being too narrow to grow usefulness. Problems can only be answered with scientific precision other than real life factors. That is the exact happens to only the celebrity opinions in charge today.

Anonymous said...

Water will find its own level no matter how polluted .

Anonymous said...

Will GST climb high?
Don't think so, 8 phases of cooling measures will be implemented. We should be safe.

What is Ah Loong?
His fingers are long for accomplishing money.

Anonymous said...

1. Take risks in your life. If you win, you can lead; if you lose, you can guide.

2. People are not what they say but what they do; so judge them not from their words but from their actions.

3. Take whatever you can from your life because when life starts taking from you, it takes even your last breath.

4. In this world, people will always throw stones on the path. It depends on what you make from them - a wall or a bridge.

5. Challenges make life interesting; overcoming them make life meaningful.

6 A path without obstacles leads nowhere.


7. If you don't build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs.

8. If you don't climb the mountain; you can't view the plain.

9. Don't leave it idle - use your brain.

10. You are not paid for having brain, you are only rewarded for using it intelligently.

11. It is not what you don't have that limits you; it is what you have but don't know how to use.

12. What you fail to learn might teach you a lesson.

13. The difference between a corrupt person and an honest person is: The corrupt person has a price while the honest person has a value.

14. Honesty is an expensive gift; don't expect it from cheap people.

Anonymous said...

Can they separate fantasy from realty?

Anonymous said...

School holidays a small population away from the 'cats chasing its own tail syndrome i.e. grades, career promotions.'

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We were having breakfast with my boss. He was looking at a menu.

W-What would you like today sir?
B- I'm looking for eggs.

W- We have scramble, sunny side, poach and omelettes.

His mobile rang. It was his secretary who described that she was in an accident and would be late. The waitress told him at the same time that she was still waiting for his order. Frustrated with 2 women talking to him at the same time, he said just any kind of eggs will do.

Nine minutes later she served him scramble, sunny side, poach and omelettes with all the different fillings, accompanied by one sausage.

W- Sir,would you like coffee, tea or juice?
B- Just one kind will do. Coffee no sugar or milk.

Anonymous said...

How did they come out their policies?
Through their a*s*. How smelly is on which *r*e it came from.

How did they choose their men?
Through their heart.

How did they prompto to get money from the humans?
Through their brain.

Anonymous said...

En Bloc creates revenue for the country from various elements ie development charges,GST & stamp duties, ABSD, SSD and to name just a few. Construction materials passing through different hands GST collections. A little extra money from owner's spending translates to more GST. Shopping for home appliances and furnishings creates more GST and import taxes. Jobs creation collecting more income taxes. All these big money were absent the last few years when housing market was in the doldrums.
In conclusion GST or taxes might not be raised as coffers will be overflowing more so from the GLS and its GST.

Anonymous said...

Why more than half the population is needed to,
When make comparisons do it selectively,
When making speeches do it selectively,
When lying make sure one is toothless,

The government hates competition.

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Anonymous said...

Do not be:





The government hates competition.

Anonymous said...

When the economy is flexible, its ability is greatest to self-correct rather than anticipated disturbances that would impair the real thing.

Anonymous said...

With another new year leaders must learn to see the forest and not just the trees. They must not just keep adding more and more things without an understanding its affects. They should also pull people towards spiritual and not just material maturity.


No one will become a great leader, want to do it all, or get all the credit. Andrew Carnegie

Anonymous said...

PM Lee is having a hard time. The realty stems from comparison with his father. With some of the country's neurologically challenging involving big money alive from big companies, all echoing- this would not happen during LKY's time. Fear factor is dead. PM Lee needs to come out and knock heads, not just stay quiet and just going around to promote some people whom he thinks is better.

Anonymous said...

Opinions change from time to time, thus there is no way one can conclude authoritatively what has the best answers. The answer differs across individuals and is ultimately a matter of taste, opinions, their psychic judgement, experience and circumstances. There are no evidence to suggest that that there should only be one solution and it should be from a few men.

Good men with high credentials does not equate to good ministers. They may only be good in finding solutions in what they learn in books. The herd mentality just followed blindly by approving the one and only method. Presidential method is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Criteria for comparisons for if we are talking about with the surrounding countries we should be way up high especially in safety and technology. Otherwise if one have money living in any other country lifestyle should be similar if surrounding countries high safety and good infrastructures.

Anonymous said...

As long as the next PM originates from PAP, it would be for what is worth the DNA of PAP.

They will still be the same designers or builders. They are already in the team now, what major difference is only changing the promotion. Aiming and wishing a perfect PM is not attainable. What difference if its still from the Lee family. What needs changing are more diverse elements of an extreme makeover of freshness of ideas, people who thrive for the betterment for the lives of people. They must have this confidence in defining, illustrating, measuring a better judgment to advice PM Lee.
Brainstorming and communicating just the same ministers are just repetition of old ways of resonating with the same group of people.
PM Lee needs to spread the monologue and interact with other people. People pay greater attention when they see your heart off the stage.
It is easy for us to say PM should this and should that accompanied expectations for an overachiever. If only the ministers articulate some compassion in their dealings with society, perhaps society are able to reciprocate better.
Lastly wishing GCT PM Lee good health. As much as you are a pain in neck, we are lucky to have the three of you as the PM.

Anonymous said...

For those people who think a new PM would improve Singapore need to think again. If the son of Lee Kuan Yew, who carries his father's genes is unable to keep up the same exacting standards set by his father - and carried on by Goh Chok Tong - then who is? There is possibly some, as yet unheard of, person(s) in the private sector with similar attributes but this person(s) quite possibly treasures his or her private life and does not wish to have the major shift into the public sector...........we can only wish that such a person would make the shift in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

Who can we thrust?
LAWYERS tampering with a dying man's will.
CHURCH pastors living in 10million dollar property.
GLC, SMRT, cheating, corruption, false maintenance record plus more that was not found out. Every few weeks a car will brake abruptly causing a chain of vehicles crashing into the back of one another.1MDB using the banks here, found out only by accident. Drugs are still coming in the country and one minority race is impacted seriously. Hope that our Prime Minister is holding out well with all the major ongoing. You are stepping down at the right time after the next election. Not a life saving job.

Anonymous said...

" Drugs are still coming in the country and one minority race is impacted seriously"

With a lot of crimes came from inside job and some will do anything for money may need to dig deeper if any connections at the immigration check-point? Nothing surprise the island anymore and some episodes that had happened was unthinkable.

Anonymous said...

Present leaderships.
Do they take the people seriously by touching base with them on a regular basis or just nearing the elections? Do these people ever stepped outside themselves to discover what's important to other people ?
No one can possibly know all. Listening to others is the single best to learn. It need not be a prisoner of other people's opinions but for many ideas. When different individuality come together, they have different personality and skills, hopes and fears. Talented leaders will recognise all these differences and use it appreciatory. Never dictate and insist that things should and only can be done it the authoritarian way. Invite opinions. They need to keep their focus on big pictures.
Did they ever look at things from another view? Smart leaders will look at things from the people's perspective.

Best to stop playing games with the people.

Anonymous said...

Why so much fuss about the new Prime Minister?

This is not about New Chief New Indians?

Unfolding will be New Chief Old Squad?

Results would still be Gridlock and still 3 Bears?

Anonymous said...

The intended end result of advocating solutions would still be same discipleship. New PM or not. Based on keen observations , not just random feeling, it will still appeared as the usual bombarding the nation with " when things are down do little to perk it up. When things are impacting upwards, advocate rules to collect more money in the form of seasoned politics."
Third grade leadership means repeating again and again. The country seriously needs new pairs of eyes, ears and brains. The people are seriously sick of no new overall concept.

Anonymous said...

There is much more to life than what gets measured in accounts. What about measuring our time on earth and health, peace and happiness?

Anonymous said...

Nàxiē duì wǒmen de zǒnglǐ yǒu gèrén ēnyuàn de rén yīnggāi bǎ tāmen tuī dào yībiān, yīnggāi

bǎ rénmín hé xīnjiāpō fàng zài dì yī wèi, ér bùshì fàng zài tāmen de gèrén yìchéng shàn

Bǐjiào wǒmen xiànrèn zǒnglǐ hé jíjiāng shàngrèn de zǒnglǐ de liǎn shū. Shùliàng de jùdà chāyì bùnéng shuōhuǎng.


议程上。 比较我们现任总理和即将上任的总理的脸书。 数量的巨大差异不能说谎。

The vast majority of the human race tends to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side. We must make a distinction between the Lees and outside the Lees because it will not take much for this country to sink. Ministers and the rich will abandon and seek refuge in another country. Maybe a little maybe only Loong will come out to do the salvaging as from the very young age he was brought up under his father's eyes that Singapore was his baby.

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate that most think that replacing a PM due to age is a formality. Do realise the calibre the any new PM to work their magic, is not running a company but where lives are involved in a country.

Anonymous said...

Compare ourselves with neighbouring countries, we are over the top. Compare ourselves with our own country not so sure.

Anonymous said...

Some people may be a walking encyclopedia but possessed much less general knowledge. Henry Ford had little schooling ,yet he was the best educated man in the world.

Anonymous said...

The budget one size fits all for major purposes will not fit all.The best way to avoid such disappointment is to give and take. That means some give and some take.

Anonymous said...

“A true teacher would never tell you what to do. But he would give you the knowledge with which you could decide what would be best for you to do.”
― Christopher Pike, Sati.

Anonymous said...

Good leaders will tend to emphasize how all the people including oppositions and the general public's contribution of views can fit in.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia fro June 14 to July 15.

Poverty is a worldwide problem. The Chinese government has reiterated to eradicate poverty by 2020.

Make time for family and close friends. Quality time is priceless.

To prevent fault finding and bickering, invite criticisms , admit guilt when necessary and applaud what you like in a debate and not to force an outcome. Sometimes what may be seen what appears to be right is only a masquerade.

Do not use relationships with others to further your personal interest.

Only LKY have a voice that is respected, valued, and heard to have an influence.

Have a good evening.

Anonymous said...

The majority of Ministers & MPs have a heart. Their hearts r filled with egos no caring for humans.

Anonymous said...


Went for cholesterol blood test last week. Felt like a balloon.

Teacher told a class that maths test would be around end of April. The students were not happy. They asked their teacher why the test was necessary as they are not balloons.

A son had just passed his driving test. He asked his father if he would buy him a car. And if he is would it be a new , resale or no car. His father answered that he could not give him an answer citing he was being test like a balloon.

A crowd was walking towards the venue of a birthday party. From a distance they saw a bunch of different coloured balloons tied to a string and blowing in the wind. They were not in in the test. They knew the location.


Anonymous said...

Where in the universe can one find a politician who speaks 3 languages so fluently?

Anonymous said...

Some ministars do need some criticism constructively indeed if urgent enough. Agreed no one likes it.The ones who are genuinely interested in self-improvement are the ones who accepts criticism the best. The Japanese consider treasuring errors or mistakes is a key to further improvements.
Those whose career positions are temporary are incline to perform just a little as they can get by with. Beware of those whose tenure are on renewal or reshuffle term basis.
The one who does have a little characteristic and personality for the next PM and distinguish from the others is now confine to the parliament chair.
While Yahoo and MSM have huge cyberspace menu, Google's simplicity and clutter-free page is dominating the market's attractiveness.
While some ministars are holding on to too many designations, their concentration is divided.
Is our kingdom really going anywhere when treated like kindergartens?

Anonymous said...

never forget that to bring a country to its knees, start by getting rid the first in line to the throne?

Anonymous said...



💲 Those were the days____Employee chose their jobs. When your vehicle was 3 yrs old it was considered 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲ancient. Our homes and assets were secured unless unforeseen circumstances. The 💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲country felt safe and secure. Ministers worked for the people and the country to improve and the betterment of lives. Like everything there would be black sheep but majority people were gracious and kind.


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂The days now_______Jobs choose the people. COES are being extended. Our😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

homes and assets face great uncertainty.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂The country is now less safe and secure. Ministers work for themselves. There are more rude and impatient humans.


😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Money, money, money (ABBA SONG)
Must be funny
In the rich man's world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world
Aha aha
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It's a rich man's world
It's a rich man's world



Anonymous said...

The yearly worries and sleepless nights of the ordinary people on the streets-getting in a school- passing exams- graduating-finding a job-dating the right person-cash to get married-cash for getting the first HDB flat-cash for having children-looking after elderly parents.

The daily worries and sleepless nights for the ordinary government- how to get the people to pay for luxury infrastructures and reserves.heeheehee

Anonymous said...

An exam question was set for primary 5 pupils. Here is the question.

There is a selfless Prime Minister who is well like and respected by the majority'
Unluckily he belongs to a Pay and Pay party.

Solve this problem . The question carries 8 marks.

Anonymous said...

THE DESPERATION OF THE PEOPLE -[SINGAPORE - Two teenagers were arrested for allegedly breaking into a Tampines coffee shop and making away with $400 in cash.
The police said in a statement on Monday night (April 9) that the two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, were suspects in a case of housebreaking and theft by night at a coffee shop in Tampines Street 11.
They had received a report last Saturday at about 11am that a coffee shop had been broken into and $400 cash was missing.]

Our dear comrades. This was not an isolated case. This is one prove that this island is heading for misfortune.