Monday, June 19, 2017

TOTD: Who do I believe?

Who do I believe?

My political mentor had always taught me this simple methodology of Criminology... always look for Motive first before you do anything else.

There are many accusations and counter-accusations flying around. Now the Pro-PAP-LHL people are saying Lee Suet Fern is a "puppet master"... manipulating behind the scene of the will... etc. But I ask, what is her motive, if any?

Allowing her husband to get slightly higher share when LWL's share is reduced to be equal to the other two siblings? But this will in fact, benefits LHL as well! So why would LHL complains?

People are not looking at things in proper context. All three children of LKY are MULTI-Millionaire (if not billionaire), at least tens if not hundreds of millions net worth. Their families most probably could live for generations without doing anything! When you are that rich, the marginal utility of additional wealth is really marginal.

In fact, if it is really about money, LHY won't have agreed to pay 150% for the Oxley house (50% for charity) to buy it from his brother, just to have it and allow his sister to stay in this house and later, demolish it! Thus, I do not believe money is the issue here and Lee Suet Fern has no obvious motive to gain anything out of all these bickering.

So what's the beef here?

I do not think Lee Wei Ling mind how much she will get from LKY's estate. Having read her past writings published on newspapers and her FB, rightfully or wrongfully, she has great emotional attachment to things, to people, to her parents, especially her father. She is single and has no family. All she has now, in terms of money, is more than enough for her to live till the end of her life. But there is only one motive and desire in her, the desire of living in the old Oxley house due to her emotional attachment. And of course, she will guard her family's privacy with all force and thus, insisting that the house should not become a public place whereby other people could throng in and out of it.These are after all, her precious memories of her life.

Thus, when her relationship with LKY was frosty, for whatever reasons, she was more upset that she wasn't allow to live in the Oxley house after LKY's impending death, than having less share of his estate.

Lee Suet Fern just happened to become the mediator between the father and daughter. She managed to secure the most important part of the will, to allow LWL to stay in the house and to have it demolished after her passing.

From the emails released by LWL (the one LSF wrote to Shanmugam), I could see that Lee Suet Fern's only concern is to mend the ties between the father and the daughter.

Thus, it is totally unfair and uncalled for to make Lee Suet Fern to look like an "evil puppet master" or "evil manipulator" of any sort.

To accuse LSF or even LHY to insert that Demolition clause into the Last Will sneakily without letting LKY know, is totally absurd. For this Demolition Clause, they gain absolutely nothing! Why would they risk the wrath of LKY by doing such thing?

LWL is the one who benefits directly and emotionally to have this Demolition Clause to be reinstated. And this is why she fought so hard against LHL when LHL tried to preserve it. Even felt sour when this Demolition Clause, for whatever reasons, was taken out in the two preceding wills.

LHY didn't make noise openly against his brother until now, which I think is because he and his wife felt THREATENED. LHY didn't even make noise of his unhappiness when he was made to pay 150% for the Oxley house, because basically money isn't really a big problem to him. It is only when his and his family's lives are THREATENED, he would openly put up such devastating joint statement.

On the other hand, LHL has been shown to be inconsistent.. as LHY has put it, saying different things at different times. But one thing is very clearly consistent, his desire and motive to keep the Oxley house intact, against his father's wish even when LKY was alive!

For what motive? LWL and LHY had provided the reason: to make full use of LKY's political legacy to extend his own political agenda. Do I believe in their assertion? Yes, I do because there isn't any other plausible reason other than political reasons.

Thus, if you ask me who do I believe? I would say I believe LWL, LHY and LSF. I empathize LWL's position of wanting to stay in Oxley house for sentimental value. I believe LSF genuinely wanted to mend ties between LWL and LKY. I also believe that there is no monetary motive on LHY's part to want to fulfill his father's wish. In fact, he has lost quite a bit of money here but yet, he felt betrayed by his brother, PM Lee, after paying so much money but still the brother wanted to use his power to keep the house via administrative powers.

As to whether Oxley house should be preserved for "heritage" or "historical value", I shall comment another day.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Goh Meng Seng, it is not a matter of who to believe, who is right, who is more logical etc, etc



And who has the power will make things happen the way he/she wants it to happen.

And do you know why you and your party got only a pathetic 23% votes in GE 2015? Simply because majority voters do not think you as their MP can serve them as well as PAP which not only has power, but all the power.

So for a start, can you at least start improving the power of PPP as a political party? Or at least have more party members than in GE 2015 lah. And given the very low base that PPP started with in GE 2015, surely this is not that hard to achieve isn't it?

And do let interested readers like me know, if it has been achieved, and even if only modestly. I will be glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Damage control gone wrong.

Questions of the Day?

1) Why would his late father willed the Oxley house to Xiau Loong if he had wanted the house demolished and his son was fickle about it? Could it be he changed his mind demolishing in his 5th and 6th will. Xiau Ling was living with him , she could not influence Lau Lee on the demolishing so the 3 parkat to insert the clause themselves?

2)As a lawyer one would be the first to know that own family would be a dead disadvantaged to prepare a will for a dying man? More so when their motives to fight tooth and nail to have it demolished with the clause back in the last will? If another firm were to prepare the last will (Lee& Lee)and as witnesses, Xiau Loong would not have a leg to stand on ?

3) Why did Xiau Loong sell the house to his brother and then a committee is form to look at options? Its Xiau Yang's house now, he paid a lot of money to buy it, why can't he do as he pleases?.

4) Last but not least most would not deny that Xiau Ling will squabble like selling fish in the market. We can see she is not dainty but a little rough looking by her picture. This will not go away. Only the court will shut them up.

38 (san sze pa) 3 dead father?

Anonymous said...

This famiLEE,

who ping-pong very ugLEE,

They should stay in an HDB sharing room weekLee

if their only trouble is a house than I am sorrLEE.

Why not just go away peacefuLEE.

The end is we are not interested entireLEE.

70% love the PM faithfuLEE,

Its a turn off publicLEE.

If they go no one will tearfuLEE.

Toxic sisterLEE and brotherLEE.

Anonymous said...

My friend just shared with me. 3 days ago,she was having lunch in Paragon n after lunch, she wanted to cross over to Taka.
In front of paragon, a lady in her 70s, petite, soft spoken, very simple n not crafty looking, approached my friend n told her she had been waiting for her son to pick her up but waited for half an hour n still no sign of him. She was afraid she might be waiting at the wrong place plus her hp battery was flat. She wanted my friend to call her son for her.
My friend did it out of feeling sorry for her.
But no one picked up after 2 calls. She asked my friend if she could sms to tell him she was waiting there?
Again my friend obliged and lent her the phone to SMS. Never did she know it was a syndicate to retrieve her phone info n got all her credit cards n personal info stored in the hp. Within 3 days, this syndicate transacted 12 purchases ranging from $200 to $5,000 Euro.
Thank God, bankers were alerted n sent sms to certify the spending with my friend.
Banks were puzzled why transactions were made from different countries all at the same time.
So lesson we can learn:
Be careful with your hp, say no even when old ladies ask to borrow yr hp
Fake news?

Anonymous said...

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. Kinky Friedman

Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go. Margaret Walker

I'm not motivated by money or power or fame. In the end, it doesn't bring much happiness. The only thing that is driving me is self-satisfaction,

self-validation. William Clay Ford, Jr.

Ah Loong going through MenAndPause.

Ah Ling going through Andropause. Definitely.

Ah Yang going through Menopause. For sure.

The Committee has also invited Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang to put their response by way of Statutory Declaration, as Mr Lee Hsien Loong had done. Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang have not responded to-date, and have indicated that if they respond at all, they will only be able to reply at the earliest by the END OF JUNE? STATUARY DECLARATION ?

Its END OF JUNE! Almost every sinful action ever committed can be traced back to a selfish motive. It is a trait we hate in other people but justify in ourselves.
Stephen Kendrick

If there is one thing I dislike, it is the man who tries to air his grievances when I wish to air mine.
P.G. Wodehouse

The most miserable people are those who only care about themselves, understand only their own troubles and see only their own perspective.

Anonymous said...

FamiLEE No.1- When quarrelled with late PaPa , I took refuge with this famiLEE at their home. Understood that their 4 children are still living with them or nearby. His Mrs love the other 2 children though it was not her biological children like her own. His late wife's photos are still around in their home. She has a big heart! When the Mrs was searching school for the albino, she did not mentioned who she was and so only 1 school accepted the boy in Spore. When together before election albino and Mrs were very close unless off course they are good actors. PM and his Mrs always dress simple. She is not after money. Off course if we can see her in dresses. And to see our PM in slim pants.

FamiLEE No.2- This man is always dressed up that even his shoes shined like diamond. Not down to earth. His Mrs first worked for his parent's firm but jumped ship to start her own? Not even 1 son is living with them. It could be a sign that they are not comfortable at home? Only live within the high society. Too self-centred.

FamiLEE No. 3- Might need to enrol in grooming class and to conduct herself in a more charming manner. Bit Ah Lian.

Malula Singapura.

Anonymous said...

What Mr Lee Kuan Yew actually said about 38 Oxley Road - YouTube

What Mr Lee Kuan Yew actually said about 38 Oxley Road

Anonymous said...

A: I also a child of LKYu.

B: Yu thick skin. He only got 3 children.

A: But I born in Spore. LKYu is father.

B: Then y yu don't insert clause in that all HDB shld be demolished and rebuilt condos like Ardmore Pk? Sure all tell PM not to cow peh cow bu.