Tuesday, May 30, 2017

TOTD: The Paradigm Shift Which PAP missed

Thought of the Day - The Paradigm Shift Which PAP missed

When I read about how Singapore propaganda machine tried to justify Singapore's diplomatic stance by saying that Singapore "has not changed", I nearly choked.

The Global Power structure has gone through a critical Paradigm shift and the Diplomatic dynamics has also gone through a Paradigm shift but yet, PAP government still singing self-praise about "We have not changed"?

Didn't they realize this may be their Greatest Problem in Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is about getting the Best deal out of the Global situation for the welfare and benefits for our country. Najib knows this, so does Duterte but not our PM Lee and his bunch of inept colleagues.

Our Core Interests in the South China Sea saga is NOT about judging who is right or wrong, nor who should have what claims. All countries around the world will have their own territorial claims and nobody could really change their stance or mind, lest a Little Red Dot like Singapore! And this is not ordinary country we are dealing with but an economic as well as military giant in the making!

Our main Core Interest is only to keep SCS a safe passage way for our trading port to function effectively and it is about maintaining PEACE instead of escalating conflicts which may result in potential war. Besides, we are NOT even one of the claimants in this SCS saga!

PAP government has got it ALL Wrong. We may not like what China is doing but our aim is to maintain status quo of Peace at SCS, not about banging our heads against the evolving giant in this region.

And we have over 100 billions invested in China but yet, this silly bunch of White Ministers actually think they could get away with agitating China without getting hurt?

Someone keep pestering me to say what's my plan or how would I handle such situation. I would say that my only interest is to keep Singapore prosperous out of any situation. We should not take side but maintain our position that it is for EVERYONE's interest to keep Peace at SCS. No matter what happens, how the situation develops, we should always maintain PEACE within the region, especially at SCS.

To ask people to subject to some "international settlement" when one side didn't agree to bring it to International Court in the first place, is UTTERLY NAIVE and silly. International Law and judgement passed is one thing but could it be ENFORCED? The Americans have been ruled against in international court before but they just ignored them and what could the other countries do about it? An International judgement which is not enforceable is as good as toilet paper!

That's the reality of International politics and diplomacy.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

PAP government has got it ALL Wrong. We may not like what China is doing but our aim is to maintain status quo of Peace at SCS, not about banging our heads against the evolving giant in this region.
Goh Meng Seng

Goh Meng Seng, things may not be so straightforward as you think lah.

There could even be a possibility that PAP did it at the behest of someone (country) whom PAP considered as very important to ensure Singapore's security.

I hope you know who or what I mean without my further elaborating.

To put it clearer and more simply, in politics or even diplomacy, there are some things which PAP knows and which you and I do not know. And due to our ignorance, we may make the wrong conclusion.

Hope I have enlightened you on this to make you a better politician to fight PAP.

Anonymous said...

Goh Meng Seng, when you left NSP to form a new party just before GE 2015 to fight PAP, I was wondering why were you banging your head against a political giant like PAP? How could you expect not to be humiliated at the polls?

But then to you, and for reasons best known to yourself, you did formed a new party. And got humiliated at the polls, as expected.

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Anonymous said...

Pple r in nid of mani. Check e posb receipts scattered around atms an find lots have onli less than 1 hundred dollars in account. Where got time for politics.

Anonymous said...

Check e posb receipts scattered around atms an find lots have onli less than 1 hundred dollars in account.
12:44 AM

Do not forget that there are a lot of foreigners working in Singapore, especially those on Work Permit. So not really surprising if their posb receipts have onli less than 1 hundred dollars in account.

In fact out of 5.5 million people, there are about 2m who are foreigners, not including PRs.

Anonymous said...

It'll be what it'll be. Not all their rules sound logical. We are good. We cannot be best but we can be better.
Promotion is clouding their judgement.

Anonymous said...

Last time their millions harder to earn. Those ex-pms make sure they are going down well with their performance. Nowadays as long as they don't screw up morally can muscle their way by narrating what is to be expected from the people and act like racketeers with how to collect money they are secure with their roles.

*Not all their rules sound logical*

Smart city will be good. Reason being it will help those MIW who are not smart. Start with IMH to be a smart place. Because if you listen to some of them they are suppose to belong there. And this is serious.

Anonymous said...

3 weeks ago I drove into the back of a taxi. As this was my first claim from insurance during my 16 years of driving I asked the insurance company for advice. They told me that taxis 95% will claim for whiplash through a lawyer. When I sent my vehicle to the workshop, the man who took charge of my case first words were 'aw taxi arh, sure claim for neck pain.' Everything was true. The taxi driver went to see a doctor and got 5 days mc. He got a lawyer to send every charges to the insurance company 6,000 dollars for whiplash. The insurance company bargained the charges down and said that it is normal procedure and they will pay. They just told me that they will up my payment back to 100% from 50% ncb. This one not fake news hor.

Anonymous said...

PAP government has got it ALL Wrong.
Goh Meng Seng

ALL Wrong, sure or not?

How wrong can PAP be when they could get 70% votes in an election, and despite opposition leaders like Goh Meng Seng saying PAP is wrong or even ALL Wrong for this and that?

Goh Meng Seng, I think besides just criticising PAP or even WP, you also need to start getting yourself right as a politician first in order to secure at least a decent percentage of votes in an election. And no matter how one look at it, 23% votes secured is definitely not that decent. No?

So think about it, and also do something about it for the sake making yourself a better politician under Singapore's harsh political context created by PAP for the opposition.

Anonymous said...

No matter what he is still the Prime Minister of Singapore and he represents the country. One should NEVER made public such situations let alone own blood. How is Singapore going to be respected from now own. Every family goes through the same every now and then. Now it not only says what kind of PM we have but also the people who is vindictive because they cannot get their way. Life is about winning some and losing some. You are also betraying the Singaporeans who travelled abroad and what the father has built over the years has gone down the drain. It shows the characters of people who expose their own blood, will these people be good for the country? If its me I would stay away from these kind of people because I do not know when they will expose me. Personal and business just cannot be mixed. Please keep your personal conflict within your family. Do not mix it with the country and the people of Singapore. What you are doing is not right. If you want to migrate just go. What has it got to do with us. Just an opinion.

Form none of my business.

Anonymous said...

< It shows the characters of people who expose their own blood, will these people be good for the country? >

A good show they've put on. That Missile changed direction. Coffee shop talked that now it gives them great pleasure for just consummating the demolishing a house. That shows they have money, educated, power and a style they had assumed was theirs by right, but not good enough for class.

TCB and these people belong to the same basket. PAP brought him in and he turned his back on them.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that money cannot buy class.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, if Lee Hsien Loong is so bad as portrayed by his siblings, then the opposition must be even worse, right?

If not, between PAP with Hsien Loong as leader and the opposition, why did 70%, and 70% I repeat, still choose the PAP?

Isn't this a reflection of a choice between the lesser of 2 evils?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

No there are no sniffer-dogs at all the check-points. Only manually check if one act suspiciously. Looking forward to the smart-nation!