Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The Rubbish Bin and Aim-less Standards

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The Rubbish Bin and Aim-less Standards

To Opposition Supporters, especially people like Gilbert Louis

Politics is not just about Anti-Whichever Party. It is the selection of both parties and individuals who are relevant to our ideas of how the country should be managed and run. It also involves in choosing the parties which will set up a proper system which we desire.

In short, whichever political party we support, it must perform the two basic functions:

1) Safeguarding Public Interests
2) Performing Public Service

In the Democratic system we desire, we would understand that nobody is perfect and thus, proper Checks and Balances should be installed, in whichever means. For me, I chose to believe that Separation of Powers is paramount in effecting Checks and Balances.

What WP has erred, is a serious breach of my belief and I hope, it is your belief as well. It is ok to make mistakes as in our belief of Democracy, we expect human beings as imperfect and the tendency to make mistakes is perfectly normal.

However, WP has shown that it refused to admit the fact that what they have done is a serious breach of trust and Democratic principles. They are recalcitrant in every aspects. Do I want to show any support to such a party which does not even know where it had done wrong or plain refusal to admit its own wrong doing? Nope. Not for me.

Can you defend WP in any way? Yes, you can, but only when you throw away your Democratic belief, throw away any high expectation of Moral standards and Integrity. You can do that by using the Rubbish Bin Standards to justify the over payment of consultancy fees to their own people, FMSS. You can justify their massive conflicts of interests by using the AIM-less Standards.

However, what will that make you to be? You are lowering the standards which we expect any political administration to maintain, to such despicably low standards. The Rubbish Bin and Aim-Less standards. You have to give up the higher moral grounds which we depend upon to keep PAP in checks, just to defend WP.

What will that bring us to? We will degenerate into a dysfunctional Democracy whereby both ruling and opposition parties are as filthy as the shit hole. There are many such dysfunctional Democracies around the world and we won't even be unique in any sense. We will be spending time to hurl insults of "You also like that!", "You are corrupt too!" etc etc and nothing gets done, and Public Interests will definitely be compromised in the end.

Each and everyone of us will have to decide for ourselves, whether do we want to accept the Rubbish Bin and Aim-less Standards as the norm or we have to get it right, do it right from the start. I for one, will refuse to be dumped into the Rubbish Bin standards.

The implications of discarding the Moral High Ground and adopting the Rubbish Bin and Aim-less standards are really vast. It is not just about WP anymore. It is about your life, my life, our future generations' lives.

You may think that we should save WP's seats in parliament is something we must do at all cost. You may think that this is the only way to save whatever little "Democracy" we have, as in having an opposition in parliament. But I guess we must first understand the FULL Cost of doing so. The Full Cost, is the Total destruction of our Democracy development process, ironically speaking. It will derail our aim of building a functional Democracy. It will encourage crooks and charlatans to infiltrate into our political system because they see that they can just get away with their greed EASILY just because they have this little label "Opposition " put on their foreheads.

If you wanted that to develop, that's your choice, but not mine. I would rather we have a proper cleansing and rebuild everything proper right from scratch again. It is painful in the short term, but at the very least, we can be sure whatever fruits we will get later, will not be toxic, not only for us but also for our future generations.

I take my Mission and Vision very seriously in opposition politics. These have never changed from the very day I decided to step into it. But I won't stop anyone to disagree with me nor my methodology. Each of us will always have the choices to make. You may disagree with me and I don't intend to have everyone to agree with me, but I only ask for your understanding.

Ultimately, if you don't clear off the rubbish, you will always stuck sleeping with the rubbish dump. I chose to clear the rubbish, no matter what it costs.

Goh Meng Seng

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rijing liu said...

But without opposition in parliament will the pap listen to our feedback on their bad manpower policy, will they make those concessions, I am afraid without any fear of losing power, the pap will not listen to our feedback.