Tuesday, January 19, 2016

NCMP Saga --- The Backdoor Monkey Tussle

It is quite amusing to watch how the NCMP saga unfolded. Both sides just play politics.

As usual, one side White will play the big bad wolf bully while the blue side play victim card again. It is even more amusing that WP which has rarely moved motion of debates, had done it again just for its own party vested interests and agenda. Well, of course PAP forced it to. Well before you guys accuse me of being biased, can you find any other motion of debate carried out by WP on other more,important issues, like human rights issues or matters which concerns how PAP treated activists or imposed unfair measures on New Media or even shutting down TRS?

Personally I do not see any problem of Lee Lilian declining the NCMP seat. It is her prerogative to do so. I would also not take up NCMP seat because I view it as getting into Parliament via the back door. As far as I know, LTK used to hold the same view as I do. He has put on public record of his stance about NCMP.

So it is just very puzzling to me that LTK actually moves the motion of debate in parliament just to get his other WP candidate Daniel Goh to replace Lee Lilian as NCMP!

Well both LTK and I may not object to other people taking up NCMP seats while we ourselves would view it as a insulting backdoor path into Parliament, but to go the extend of an extra mile to FIGHT for a NCMP seat for another party comrade is totally shocking to me.

It is just like a dog begging for the backdoor to be opened for another dog to get into the main house! Pretty shocking to me for people to actually support such an act in the name of Democracy!

If it is all about Democracy, then we should instead debate about what kinds of political system we should install to enhance the Balance and Separation of Power. How the Election system and Electoral processes should be enhanced. Should we have Proportional Representation? Should we enhance the power of the President by putting Auditor General, Corruption Practice Investigation Bureau (CPIB), the Judiciary Appointment, Public Service Commission Elections Department etc, all under the Presidential Office and limit the terms of Presidency to a maximum of one term?

But instead, we have WP members wasting time in begging and debating on a feature which is invented by PAP as a means of mockery to our Democratic system! I am in total disbelief of such monkey show going on in parliament... well, the Chinese Monkey Year isn't really here yet!

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Goh Meng Seng, please don't begrudge Mr Low Thia Khiang for doing what he is doing lah. Looks like a case of sour grapes the more you do it.

There are so many opposition parties in Singapore, but why is Mr Low's WP getting all the elected MP and NCMP seats in Parliament for the opposition?

Surely Mr Low as leader is doing something right, isn't it? Maybe instead of begrudging, you should learn something from Mr Low, after your successive defeats in elections. And doing it under different parties also didn't help.

Admin said...

There is very little correlation between winning in an election vs consistency as a matter of principles. It may even have little correlation to being competent.

Doing things right is not exactly the same as Doing the Right things. And BEWARE, votes and support are going down as shown by the lost of Punggol East as well as the razor thin margin of less than 1% in Aljunied GRC. Don't take things for granted, definitely not voters for granted. That's the only lesson I learned from WP now.

Goh Meng Seng