Thursday, July 03, 2014

Asking Prime Minister Lee to Resign: Protest @ Hong Lim Park 5 July 2014

There will be a Protest held at Hong Lim Park on this coming Saturday, 5 July 2014 and I will be one of the speaker. The Protest is about whether our Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is the right person to lead Singapore or not. My obvious answer, is no.

In fact, the organizer William Lim had the idea to hold this Protest event basically because of the speech PM Lee had made in one of the grassroot event whereby they celebrated the Hindu New Year at Ang Mo Kio GRC. In that event, PM Lee has given a speech to imply that "Singapore belongs to everyone" and this was said to the Indian Nationals from India participating that celebration. Earlier on, I have also written an article to protest at what he has said in this speech as well, entitled Singapore doesn't belong to Foreigners.

It took me quite a while to consider the invitation by William Lim before I agreed to be one of the speaker for this event. Although I have mentioned in my earlier article that PM Lee Hsien Loong has basically lost the moral authority to lead Singapore, but to make a call for his resignation will need more substantial reasoning than just an emotional reactions to his many gaffes. After giving a serious thought over this important call for his resignation, I have finally come to the conclusion that there are fundamental grounds for me to come to the conclusion that Mr. Lee Hsien Loong is indeed, unsuitable to lead Singapore as our Prime Minister any more.

If you wish to find out what are the reasons behind my call for his resignation, please come to Hong Lim Park on this coming Saturday, 5 July 2014, from 4pm - 7 pm. I will be there to provide my views on this very serious matter.

Goh Meng Seng

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