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4 June 1989 - Yahoo SG becoming accomplice of the Butchers?

WARNING: This Blog Article contains GRUESOME PHOTOS of the DEAD from Tiananmen Square. These may create great discomfort to viewers. 

I normally write my article in remembrance of the 4 June 1989 massacre in Chinese but this year, it will be a bit special because I have read a very disgusting article written by Gregory Clark posted on Yahoo SG which attempts to obfuscate the fact that a massacre has indeed happened during the 4 June 1989 incident at Tiananmen Square, Beijing.The article entitled "Tiananmen Square Massacre is a Myth, All We're 'Remembering' are British Lies" smacks of an attempt to whitewash away the blood of the butchers.

This is supposedly a conclusion after "research" but it only provides a few "eyewitness" accounts without photo evidence. It mentioned some "video" recording but wasn't presented in the report. This is against the background of hundreds, if not thousands of eye witnesses report of the massacre. But this is the basic common sense, if the army troopers have been shooting and killing all their way to get to Tiananmen Square, what makes him think that they would stop shooting at the Square?

There was a list of casualties leaked from the army's Chief of Staff office that gave detailed figures of casualties in various parts of China. The following is the summary:

 1989年6月1-10日 死亡总人数 Total Death: 31978人
   1。 其中学生(身份确认) Students identified 10974人 

    2。 普通人员(身份确认) Civilians identified 7992人 
    3。 不明人员(不予确认) unidentified 11865人 
    (2类3类人员含工人,农民,教授,医务人员,武警,公安人员,便衣警察,国家部委人员,离退休干部,僧尼,教会人士,外国人等 including workers, farmers, medical staff, police, monks, nuns, church personnel foreigners) 
    被袭军队死亡(身份确认) Military personnel attacked identified 113人 
    军队内部误杀(身份确认) Military cross fired 197人 
    因伤过重死亡人数(医院) Death from wounds in hospital 837人 
    死亡地区:(以下含军人) Place of death
    颐和园地区 12人 
    北京大学地区 17人 
    清华大学地区 23人 
    万寿路地区 39人 
    木樨地地区 11人 
    燕京饭店外 27人 
    民族饭店外 57人 
    西单地区 113人 
    西单至新华门地区 389人 
    人民大会堂北 271人(尸体堆群) 
    南长安街至南池子大街 933人(尸体堆群) 
    天安门广场人民大会堂一侧 Tiananmen Square Great Hall of People side piling of bodies 3569人(大的尸体堆群) 
    天安门广场历史博物馆一侧 Tiananmen Square History Museum side piling of bodies  5781人(大的尸体堆群) 
    人民英雄纪念碑底南侧 2544人(大的尸体堆群) 
    人民英雄纪念碑底北侧 4633人(大的尸体堆群) 
    天安门广场长安街侧 Tiananmen Square side of Changan Street 9531人(大的尸体堆群) 
    金水桥 289人(尸体堆群) 
    午门 812人(尸体堆群) 
    前门大街 53人 
    崇文门地区 29人 
    北京饭店外 21人 
    建国门外 19人 
    二环建国门至朝阳门 33人 
    红庙地区 17人 
    进入居民宅及办公区处决 1918人 
    医院 837人 
    合计 31978人
These figures didn't include the numerous secret executions of dissidents happened in the aftermath for as long as 2 years. But never mind, we will just concentrate on the figures here. According to the figures revealed here, there were a total of 18881 dead bodies found piling up at the sides of Tiananmen Square!

Well, people may put doubts or dispute on these figures and rightfully so, then I would ask, why should we believe those few witnesses interviewed by the author?

Maybe seeing is believing. The following GRUESOME photo evidences taken JUST FROM one website here will speak louder than words.

The Tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square. Do you think they will stop the killing after ramming through other places?

The Army clearing Tiananmen Square in the aftermath. What do you think they are building in the background?

 This is how the Tanks ramming through humans

This is the remains of a man crushed through by a tank.

Yes, they shot the heads of protesters!

 Bodies were cleared and piled up at designated places.

Dead bodies piled up at hospital.

Citizens tried to identify the bodies in the aftermath.

The massacre continued in the aftermath at Changan Street. Notice the various dead bodies lying on the streets.

This is the MAP of the BUTCHERS, stating clearly where they military had opened fired and killing thousands of civilians, students, farmers etc. And please note, the bloodiest attack was right outside Tiananmen Square! This validated the figures provided by the leaked figures.

Now, back to the author's claim that the Spanish news team video clip has shown that there was "no massacre at Tiananmen Square". That is an attempt to "quote out of context" of the whole video. I shall produce the video which the author based on his writing here.

First of all, it is clear that the first assault had happened even before the Spanish news team has reached the National Hero Memorial Hall. You can see that Mr Liu XiaoBo was holding a rifle and denouncing the violence by the military and tried to break the rifle. You can also observe that students were injured quite badly.

The video has shown that the military actually "tricked" the students to retreat from the Tiananmen Square but only to attacked them by shooting at them using rifles AFTER they have dispersed into various directions. This explained why there were three main piles of bodies surrounding Tiananmen Square. It was due to the despicable trick used by the army to con the students to let down their guard and then slaughter them later! If this is NOT a MASSACRE then I don't know how to describe it!

The following video has proven the fact that the Military has already been fired at the civilians before the Spanish News Team reached Tiananmen Square

The following video is the evidence that the army fired upon civilians and students.

Another video that shows how the army fired indiscriminately upon civilians in the aftermath of clearing the students off Tiananmen Square.

It is ingenious to state "No Tiananmen Square Massacre" but the truth is, there are hundreds and thousands of bodies found in the aftermath!

Now back to Yahoo SG. What is Yahoo SG's motive by putting such article in the of 25th Anniversary of the bloodshed at Tiananmen Square? Is it trying to trivialize the massive killing by the butchers by stating there was NO killing in Tiananmen Square but ignoring the fact of the massive killings AROUND Tiananmen Square?

It is totally disgusting, disrespectful and insensitive for Yahoo SG to carry such article which is based on doubtful accounts on few individuals to aggravate hurt on the Mothers of Tiananmen Square who have lost their children during the 1989 massacre and continue to suffer injustice and oppression from CCP. Such article which void of any sense of justice and conscience should NOT have appeared on Yahoo SG at all unless Yahoo SG is set to the cruel accomplice of the butchers to cover up the brutal truth!

I really do not see why such article is worthy of being propagated by Yahoo SG unless it too wants to be part of the propaganda started by CCP to WHITEWASH the BLOOD stains on the butchers of 1989!

Spare a thought to the dead who have died of such brutal injustice. If you are not going to seek justice for them, at the very least, you should not help the oppressors and butchers to get away from the judgment of history.

I would urge Yahoo SG to remove the blatantly disrespectful and nauseating article which has practically insulted the many Chinese people who have sacrificed their lives for their democratic dream. It has also trivialized and poured cold water on the effort of many other people, especially in Hong Kong, to keep the memory and records of the brutal massacre alive in the search of Justice and vindication of the 1989 student movement.  I seriously hope that Yahoo SG will have that little of Conscience as a global citizen seeking for Justice, Rule of Law, Freedom and Liberty, to do the right thing by removing this offensive article.

Last but not least, a reminder here from Malcom X

“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

― Malcolm X

Goh Meng Seng

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Unknown said...

Why blame the angmohs for trivializing the June 4 incident? The Chinese have only themselves to be blamed.

The hundreds or thousands killed on June 4 1989 were mere “peanuts” compared to the millions who were killed during the Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward, Anti-Rightist Movement, Yan’an Rectification Movement, etc,etc…..

Yet the Chinese have not bothered to commemorate those massacres while continuing to focus on this June 4 “mini-Massacre”…..How can anyone has any respect for the Chinese people?

Any foreigners has every right to be filled of contempt and disgust at the Chinese people whenever they see the huge portrait of Chairman Mao hanging at the Tiananmen Sq, mocking and despising the characters and integrity of the Chinese people despite his enormous crimes.

Until the Chinese people begin to commemorate and respect the victims of Cultural Revolutions, etc,etc…one cannot blame the angmohs for trivializing June 4.