Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't lose sight of the fundamentals of a Nation - Singaporeans First

Are slogans like "Singapore for Singaporeans" and "Singaporeans First" really Xenophobic?

We have to go back to basics. A country will always give FIRST Priority in taking care of of its citizens, its people. Else it will be no different from a hotel or any private entity that only concerns in making money and serving whoever their clients or guests.

Having said that, there is a clear thin line of being Xenophobic vs Nationalistic. We are not asking everyone to be nasty to anyone who are foreign. But we are just merely saying, no matter how many foreigners we invite AS A COUNTRY to live and work on our land, the motive will always be in the interests of the citizens!

If getting foreigners to work in Singapore really benefits Singaporeans as a whole, providing opportunities for Singaporeans at large, then we will welcome them. We should not be shy or hypocrites to deny that the motive of any policy is to take care of Singaporeans first.

As economic theory always dictates, there will always be a diminishing marginal utility in having too much of anything. Apparently, Singaporeans at large are feeling the pain and pinch of the diminishing marginal utility of having MORE foreigners working on our land. As I have stated earlier, if calling for government to put Singaporeans' interests as their TOP Priority is Xenophobic, then what do you call foreigners discriminating our citizens in the employment?

We should not put a blind eye to the fact that tensions have been raised by some bad practices executed by our foreign guests working here. We should not put a blind eye to the fact that having foreigners working here aren't really putting more jobs to Singaporeans but in fact, turning into displacement of Singaporeans from worthy employment and pushing our citizens into underemployment.

While there are people who will cry, in the name of anti-Xenophobia, to undermine the movement for us to reclaim our very basic right as a citizen on this land, I believe more people are more objective and rational in seeing the impact and the truth of the imbalance brought upon us by the "Free for All" mentality in PAP's FT policy.

Make no mistake about it. There is absolutely nothing wrong to call for "Singaporean First" or "Singapore for Singaporeans" in today's context where the overwhelming problems brought by the liberal FT policy have really blinded us from the fundamental role of the Nation's government. It is not fault of the foreigners working here that they are brought onto our land but the fault lies solely on the PAP government. These slogans are called to remind the government of the day what their basic fundamental roles are... their TOP Priority should lies with taking care of the citizens' interests at large, not just some MNCs or business interests only. It is definitely not the priority of providing jobs and employment for citizens of other nations.

While we are not ANTI-FOREIGNERS as in personal hatred against them, but we are definitely against the PAP government's liberal FT policy and their intent to continue to import even more foreigners onto this tiny little island without putting our citizens' interests as their top priority. They have basically lost sight of their basic fundamental understanding of the role in taking care of Singaporeans FIRST.

Goh Meng Seng

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Anonymous said...

I will be honest: I am sick of the foreigners.

I am sick of the foreigners' greed, their smelliness, pushing and shoving, hypocrisy, shouting, them bringing in so many of their nationals and putting them in every job they can, lousy English, hatred and mockery of Singapore and Singaporeans, presumption to teach Singaporeans how to behave when they behave so badly, their push for the Singapore passport so they can migrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.