Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Snap Punggol East By-Elections?

There are several news report going on with regards to the possibility of a snap by-elections (BE) at Punggol East. Singapolitics has reported about it just before noon today, anticipation of the writ to be issued this afternoon.

I have said before that it is best for PAP to call a snap poll because this is their turf and opposition parties would be caught off guard. The best window of opportunity is supposedly to be last month (December 2012) whereby WP was still busy with their performance rehearsals and no other opposition parties are ready.

I thought the BE would have to be postponed till May or June after the window closed and the fact that AIM saga is burning hotter than ever. It would not be advisable to hold any elections when there are controversial issues like AIM saga that could well, become the hottest attack topic for the BE. AIM saga pointed directly to the potential conflict of interests in PAP's dealings and it may extend to other areas. PAP has not come clean on how many companies of such nature it has in its control,

I have not written anything about the AIM saga because I think this saga is more than what it is supposed to be about.

Anyway, situation has changed and if PAP really decided to go into a snap BE now, it would mean a few things.

1) The economic outlook for Singapore is going to take a dip very soon.
2) They are afraid that the AIM saga will deepen and may blow up into their face if there are netizens who managed to dig up more companies controlled by PAP that are involved in business with public entities.
3) They want to catch opposition parties off guard.
4) PAP may have something important on WP's AHTC management issues to attack them.

Well, whether there will be a snap poll at Punggol East, we will know very soon. The first rumored date is Writ issued today, 16 Jan is the nomination day, 26 Jan polling day.

The second possible date before Chinese New Year and Budget is next week writ, 23 Nomination and 2 Feb polling day.

There are leads that say that PAP has procured materials for their posters and civil servants have been mobilized. Stay tuned!

Goh Meng Seng

Afternote: The Writ for By-elections at Punggol East has been issued at 4 pm today. As predicted, nomination day is 16 Jan, polling day is 26 Jan 2012.

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