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WP may split if...

Workers Party may split if Yaw Shin Leong decided to challenge the expulsion decision. I seriously hope my analysis is wrong and such situation could be avoided but there is a high possibility of a split if things don't turn out right. Of course, I would expect a lot of WP members and supporters attacking me for this article but I also hope that they could read it with an open mind and maybe, it could have made them realize unity within the party is what they really need now.

Loss of Two Core members with high support within

Since last General Elections held in 2011, WP has lost two key members: Eric Tan and Yaw Shin Leong. Eric Tan resigned from the party after he felt betrayed by the party leadership when the NCMP seat was not assigned to him, who is the leader of East Coast GRC team. Yaw Shin Leong has been expelled for his refusal to answer to allegation of adultery made against him.

Both Eric Tan and Yaw Shin Leong have very STRONG support base within the party cadre. In fact, they have the highest vote of support from the cadre members during the Ordinary Party Congress among those voted into CEC (The Chairman and Secretary General posts were uncontested) back in 2010.

Both Eric Tan and Yaw SL have led GRC teams in GE2006 and naturally they would have garnered respect and support from the cadre members.

For the party to lose two of the important CEC members, who had garnered top support from the cadres, within such a short span of time would post a big challenge to the current leadership to explain convincingly on why it happens.

Political Acumen

When the Yaw-gate first brewed, I have made several comments on how it should be managed and what went wrong subsequently. However, it seems that WP members and supporters are only concerned about short term interests instead of looking at the issue on a more matured perspective.

This is a worrying sign for WP. It indicates the lack of political acumen on the party members to understand the real issues behind Yaw-gate. More importantly, they are blinded by their loyalty to the party, instead to the core values of opposition.

What is more worrying to me is that some of the WP CEC members actually voted against the motion to expel Yaw SL. (WP confirmed it is not an unanimous decision.) Any seasoned politician would realize that the longer Yaw-gate drags, the more damage would be done to WP as well as the whole opposition movement. Thus it seems that these CEC members are most probably more emotional than rational when they cast their votes of objection.

The apparent lack of political acumen among WP members and CEC members would be a source of instability.

Internal Dyanmics

Any and every political parties will have factional internal dynamics. This is a fact of politics. However, I should caution political players that excessive politicking may just backfire on everybody.

It is a worry that factions may make use of this issue to create a situation which benefits their agenda within. Especially so when members lack good political acumen to make good judgement on what should be the right and good decision for the party.

Imagine what will happen if Yaw SL decided to challenge the expulsion and request for an extra-ordinary party congress?

The cumulative effect of Eric Tan's and Yaw Shin Leong's departure cannot be under estimated. Unless there is pro-active effort from the key party leaders to manage perceptions and expectations within, WP may risk big internal struggle or even a split which will affect its overall image.

Conclusion: Unity is vital

I sincerely hope that young cadre members of WP would look at things from a macro level. It is unfortunate that Yaw SL has done something very selfish and risk creating great damage to WP. Keeping quiet is not an option under such circumstances.

WP's crisis is not over yet. PAP will drag on for the Hougang by-election with the hope that WP internal strife will break it. Unity is the most important for WP to overcome such difficult time. You should be wary of those who wants to use Yaw-gate as the main issue to attack the leadership. It is the best decision Low Thia Khiang has made, though it is made a bit late into the saga.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...


You prove yourself once again you are a lousy loser to write something like that in a time like this.

Good riddance from WP.

market2garden said...

It's not the right timing for GMS you to post this article if you have good intention. It would be better to post it slightly a bit later.
GMS, not everything we post has to be "first-mover advantage", my own assessment of your posting as "first-mover disadvantage". This sort of content (if for good intention that your claim) is better to be"second-mover advangage" or post a bit later as I mentioned.
Nevertheless appreciate your effort in writing this article.
I look forward to your article at right timing.

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Anonymous said...

this is a joke.

why would Yaw leaving split wP? all he has to do is to explain himself but he never did.

Eric tan left long time ago. nothing happened to wp.

gms is a shallow thinker.

Anonymous said...

Goh Meng Seng is right to say so. He is in a position to comment on this as an enthusiast in politics and also a former WP member. He has exited from the political arena and yet risks his reputation as a businessman in commenting publicly on the matter. I believe that he has been in WP long enough to understand its politics and something inside there has caused him to join NSP. I support your statement, Mr Goh. Unity is vital.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I would look at myself in the mirror before I comment about how others handled their affairs.

You talked about opposition unity but look at what you are doing. Support for the opposition, no matter how blind it is currently, is critical to maintain the edge opposition has garnered.

Yaw is a gone case. We don't even know where he is for goodness sake! It is better to move on and get the public confidence back.

You questioned blind support for WP. You think people voted for you in the last GE because they think you can do a good job? Please. They voted you simply because you are the opposition. I would do the same thing if you contested in my ward. I would even vote a monkey over any PAP candidate. That is how blind many like me are.

We see the big picture, unlike you. Only with PAP weaken, regardless by whom we voted in, can there be change in our political scene.

Anonymous said...

yaw is more mature than you think, envious b******.

Anonymous said...

I thought you would have written on sun's comment but instead you wrote this s***.

bad choice.