Sunday, September 26, 2010

Taiwan Government encourages installation of Flood Gates

In one of National Solidarity Party's press statement released after Singaporeans experiencing frequent flooding in Singapore, we have recommended the PAP government to consider subsidizing individual households and small businesses who are adversely affected by the floods. However, PAP government has not responded, neither did the main stream media dare to publish anything about it.

It seems that not only the British government has implemented the flood gate installation program, even the Taiwanese government has praised the effectiveness of such implementation of the flood gates.

After the big disastrous flooding caused by typhoon Morakot last year, the Taiwanese government responded by coordinating the installation of flood gates:

Morakot Relief and Reconstruction
Reconstruction Council: Government will coordinate installation of floodgates to boost flood prevention in disaster areas

Publication Date:08/27/2009
Deputy Executive Director Chern Jenn-chuan of the Southern Office of the Morakot Post-Disaster Reconstruction Council said August 27 that in order to improve flood-prevention capabilities of people in disaster areas, Premier Liu Chao-shiuan had directed the Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) of the Ministry of the Interior to provide full subsidies for installation of floodgates in Linbian and Jiadong townships. The CPA shall also oversee local government polling of township residents as soon as possible concerning their willingness to erect floodgates. As long as residents are willing, the CPA shall call on existing contract floodgate vendors to complete installation within seven days.

Chern went on to explain that Linbian and Jiadong are low-lying areas of Pingtung County, so the public in these rural townships should remain on high alert before the water has fully receded in order to cut post-disaster risks. He stressed that Premier Liu has instructed that comprehensive disaster response preparations be completed at both the central and local government levels to reduce future disaster damage or losses.

(Source: Southern Office, Morakot Post-disaster Reconstruction Council, Executive Yuan, August 27, 2009)

I sincerely hope that the PAP government will respond positively for the benefits of Singaporeans who are affected by such flash floods. The following is the news from Taiwan:

馬:高市退回防水閘門 補助 很可惜

* 2010-09-26
* 中國時報
* 【呂素麗、張立勳/綜合報導】










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Anonymous said...

No point for Singapore...

Seas levels are project to rise by at least a metre or even more by 2018...

Is anything being done to increase the level of Singapore coastal land vis-a-vis rising sea levels...should make a study what the dutch are doing while we still can...what is the point of re-claiming land which will be "swallow up" by rising sea levels in the future ahead.

So what you have beautiful expensive buildings...only to see the ground floor/1st/2nd floors perpertually being flooded everytime there is a high tide in tandem with heavy rain fall and increasing sea levels.

Pretty obvious there are a bunch of ostriches out there who prefer either to stick their "heads" into the ground or are already making plans to run/fly overseas at the coming troubles ahead...

Not to mention the idiocy of flooding a island like singapore with a "targeted 7.5 million population"....if shipping or overland routes of food supplies are limited or many days/weeks before food riots breaks out...

A lot of uppity paper qualified only elites and intellectuals in the so called "policy/decision maker" class...

No wisdom in this bunch except for personal greed and self gratification to the cost of too many other people.

Sadden and sicken by these.