Friday, July 02, 2010

NSP Press Statement: Fare Increase in Disguise

New Distance Fare System is Fare Hikes in Disguise

We are greatly disappointed by the new fare system that the PTC intended to implement on 3rd July 2010. Our recent research on SMRT as well as LTA Public Transport websites shows that almost all the MRT fares that we have checked from different lines have increased quite substantially.

Please refer to the following table for our findings:

We are not able to do a complete table on the various fare comparisons for all possible rides but from our sample findings, it shows that fare increase resulted from the new Distance Fare system ranges from 3.75% to more than 7%.

The PTC has not made such straight forward indications when they try to convince Singaporeans that most of them will enjoy lower fares for their daily travels on public transport. The PTC should stop misleading Singaporeans with its assertion that most Singaporeans would benefit from this new fare system. PTC should be more truthful upfront by publishing the whole matrix of comparisons between fares for MRT rides between all possible combinations.

Any fare increase more than 2% in such simple straight forward MRT rides is totally unacceptable as wage increase for many of the lower wage earners who utilize public transport most do not have much increment on their wages.

Many Singaporeans rely on MRT for their travelling needs and there is little alternative to MRT rides without wasting great amount of time in interchanging between buses and being trapped in traffic jams. Such enormous outrageous hike in fares is totally unacceptable for a monopoly like SMRT.

On the other hand, it is impractical to expect bus commuters to waste time changing buses during peak hours just to “enjoy” any lower fares. Such “lower fares” may only be lower in comparison with the new long haul trunk services.

We believe that even with such “lower fares”, it will still be higher than the old fares for long haul rides. PTC should present to Singaporeans the comparison between NEW and OLD fare structures for some main trunk services.

We strongly condemn PTC for its attempt to implement such a fare system which is in fact an outrageous hike in fare in disguise.

Goh Meng Seng
Secretary General of the 13th CEC


Anonymous said...

you might want to do a search on my blog ( for fare hikes or something. I have since mid june (since they have released the calculator for the new fare) been keeping track of the rides i take and compare it with the new fare system.

My conclusion is that if you change enough trains and bus for a long distance ride, you may really get to benefit. however, if you travel within a 8km or so radius, chances are you will pay more.

Also, don't forget that there is no more flat fare for senior citizens, which is disastrous for their retirement income.

Anonymous said...

Under the new system, if there is saving, it is usually only 1 - 3 cents. But when there is no saving, the increase is easily more than 7 cents. Btw, another increase is the PUB bills. After checking with my friends on their June PUB bills, the average increase is more than 25%. With the latest incrase in July, we can expect much higher bills if compared to May. And i think the estimated base for calculation will become higher after 3 mths.

Anonymous said...

Not convincing

Anonymous said...

It seems that there is no more transfer rebate and my fare has actually gone up alot, about 32% increase.

Before the change, the transfer from MRT to bus would show $0.50 after tapping the card, but now it shows $1.10 and upon alighting, it show $1.40 instead of the usual $1.10. And that is just one-way.

Is this the price of privatisation? I hope the govt will increase rebates in other areas to offset this.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous that CEO of a monopoly company be paid on private sector salary or her performance to benchmarked as such

After this fare increase under the guise of distance fare system, I'm sure SMRT CEO Ms. Saw will have another round of well deserved increase in salary, bonus and stock options for an exemplary leadership in bringing such a remarkable growth and outstanding performance to SMRT.