Tuesday, April 06, 2010

NSP Press Release: Concerns on the Casino License for Marina Sands

Concerns on the Casino License for Marina Sands

1. The National Solidarity Party notes that there are news reports on Macau Sands’ links to its partner who is implicated in the murder-for-hire case being tried in Hong Kong. According to Business Time April 3 2010 report, “an investigation in Macau has revealed that a local partner of Las Vegas Sands (LVS) could have links with triads”.

2. We also note that Reuters has reported on 31st March that “Nevada's Gaming Control Board said on Wednesday it was analyzing the status of VIP room operations in Macau casinos and possible links to Chinese criminals”.

3. The PAP government has stated categorically that it will not issue any casino license to any operators that have links to any triads in the world when the decision to build the two casinos was made back in 2005. While the constructions of both casino resorts are due to be completed soon, NSP is very concerned about the social implications of issuing casino license to operators who have links to triads.

4. We notice that the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) under the Ministry of Home Affairs has declined comment on this issue when contacted by the Business Time reporter. We strongly feel that CRA should make an appropriate response to the latest development of Sands in view of the pending opening of Marina Sands at the end of this month.

5. We hope that the CRA would take the recent development into careful considerations when it decides upon the issuing of Casino License to Marina Sands. We would also like to know the contingency plans that the government has in place to deal with casino operators who are found to breach the rules on having links to any triads after casino licenses have been issued.

Goh Meng Seng
Secretary General of the 13th CEC


cy said...

Mae West (actress who was a sex symbol but an intelligent one)
: I was Snow White but i drifted

is applicable to singapore venturing into casino.

Anyway,singapore's banks is already involved in money laundering though they don't admit it and said they will investigate is there is proof.

singapore also accepted indonesia's fugitives, so what's new, triad links with casino ?

If you want to learn to swim, you must be mentally prepared to gulp in water one day.

Now that the casino is built and workers are employed, will PAP govt say No, of course not,besides monetary and employment concerns, it will also become a laughing stock and they don't like to lose face.

Taiwan is wise, hear what 严长寿 has to say after Penghu rejected casino


unfortunately, we are no longer pretty and has to "prostitue" ourselves. but PAP govt still wants image, so casino is called IR like prostitutes called social escorts.


Anonymous said...

The following is a statement issued by Minister Wong Kan Seng. It was issued on 18 Apr 2005 and details what the Casnio Regulatory Authority (CRA) would do to ensure that organised crime does not infiltrate the casinos.


Casino Regulatory Authority

One of the key institutions to help manage the social impact of having a casino in Singapore will be the casino regulator. The Ministry of Home Affairs will set up a new regulatory agency to regulate the casino. The casino regulator will put in place a strict regulatory regime to ensure that the casino remains free from criminal influence and that illegal activities on the premises are kept under control.

The full details on the casino regulatory regime are still being worked out. Today, I shall highlight some key measures that the regulator will implement to regulate the casino operations.

We recognize that having the right owners, managers and employees will be important to pre-empt the infiltration of criminal elements and money laundering syndicates into the casino operations. The regulator will therefore screen the principal shareholders, directors, key managers and employees involved in gaming, not just once-off but over regular intervals.

The regulator will also monitor the casino's relationship with its vendors, suppliers and agents. Contracts between the casino and its vendors and suppliers above a certain threshold will be scrutinized. The regulator will have the right to require that the casino does not enter into contracts with vendors and suppliers which are deemed unsuitable due to suspicious backgrounds or known involvement in criminal activities. Casino agents or junket operators who bring in premium players from overseas will also be screened and licensed.

To combat money laundering activities, we will adopt international best practices in tracking suspicious transactions. The regulator will require the casino to record transactions of S$5,000 and above. Transactions of S$10,000 and above and all other suspicious transactions will have to be reported to the regulator. The casino will also be required keep all relevant records for a minimum period of seven years.

In addition, the casino will be required to set up a dedicated security team and a comprehensive CCTV surveillance system to ensure security within the casino premises.

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i don't agree with casino licenses. all they want is to make more money, the governements i mean...

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Tom Watson said...

The PAP government has stated categorically that it will not issue any casino license to any operators that have links to any triads in the world when the decision to build the two casinos Olivia