Thursday, December 27, 2007

Barbarians of Coward don't need Democracy

My deepest condelences to the democratic fighters of Pakistan. They have lost a brave leader in the midst of this barbaric politics.

In almost every struggle for democratic development in any countries around the world, there will always be bloodshed and lives taken away. Right from the French Revolution till the modern era, there are really numerous bloodshed and sacrifices made by democratic reformers and fighters.

It is the result of struggle between lofty democratic ideals vs human greed, hatred and attachment to power. It is about the struggle between the interests of the masses vs the interests of the few in the power-elite group.

Power is truly addictive and tempting in very sense. Of course, Power could also be an effective tool to do good that will benefit the masses. However, there are very few people who could resist the temptation of the Power that brings privileges, ego and wealth. This is basically why Power could corrupt any human being, sometimes even without him knowing.

The main difference between a barbarian and a civilised person lies not in what they wear or how they behave in front of the mass media, but rather their acts of cowardize at the back of public light. Whether it is about spreading lies, rumours, sending verbal arrows and daggers at their opponents, intimidation of all sorts or just plain killing by employed killers, all these are acts of barbarians of cowardize. Barbarians as "Cowards"? Yes, cowards because they do not dare to face their opponents upfront or fight it out in a fair game of democratic electoins.

Barbarians do not need Democracy and definitely not the mercy of human rights. They are the ones who trespass every Democratic principles and breach every human rights of others to feed their greed, hatred and attachement to power.

Maybe some may think these Barbarians of Coward only exist in backward developing countries like Pakistan, but the truth is, they exist in almost every societies around the world, Singapore included. In a country like Singapore which is governed by strict laws that include death penalty to those who hold fire arms or murder, most of these Barbarians of Coward are more "subtle" in a way. Nevertheless, they are using the same tactic of creating FEAR; or rather they could create FEAR by using such amateurish tactic.

In the modern era of internet convenience, they have resorted to spreading lies about their opponents. Some even go to the extent of stalking their opponents in real life, trying to gather "private information" on their opponents and threaten to put it up on the net!

They are called Barbarians because they lack class and any sense of civilised cultivation. Character assassination with lies are as bad, if not worse than physical assassination. Intimidation of any sorts are just as bad as death threats. Barbarians of Coward may pretend to be respecting the modern principles of democracy and human rights, but deep down in their hearts, they have no single belief of democracy and human rights!

Years ago, I have learnt an interesting lesson from a friend. It is just a simple Chinese saying, "Speak Human language to Human beings, Speak only Ghost Language to Ghostly spirits, don't try to speak sense to insane people, don't talk about civilization to barbarians at heart".

Goh Meng Seng