Monday, October 08, 2007

Chinese ZaoBao Fairer in Reporting

The following is the press report on NSP and SPP press release:









Comparing this to the press report on English Straits Times, I would consider the Chinese newspapers doing a fairer job. ST report is as follows, printed on 06 Oct:

ST, Oct 6, 2007

S'pore opposition parties condemn crackdown

THREE Singapore opposition parties have condemned the violence in Myanmar and called on the international community to help put a stop to the crisis.

The Singapore People's Party, in a statement signed by secretary-general
Chiam See Tong, the MP for Potong Pasir, called on Myanmar's ruling military junta to restore democracy.

'We call on all Asean nations to distance themselves from the Myanmar military junta unless they stop their dictatorial rule and (re-install) their parliament and comply with the ideals of Asean,' it said.

The Workers' Party, in a separate statement, also condemned the use of violence by Myanmar's military.

'Whatever the 'peace' that will be achieved by the present crackdown, the yearnings of the people to be free from more than four decades of military rule will not go away,' said party chairman and Non-Constituency MP Sylvia Lim in the statement.

She called on the international community, including Singapore, to 'use all influence and means at its disposal to stop the continued repression of the Myanmar people and to free all political detainees'.

Meanwhile, the National Solidarity Party said it 'unreservedly' condemned the killing of civilians in Myanmar and urged other countries to do what they could to 'prevent any further bloodletting and help Myanmar to set a timetable towards a stable and peaceful transition to democracy'.


It seems that the Straits Times has deliberately left out the main message of our press release on the need of PAP government to progress with time and recognize the need to open up for citizens to express themselves as in public demonstrations.

Public demonstrations could well help to mold our core values and build our own National identity as a people. This is totally ignored by the PAP government.

I share touch on this topic in my next post.

Goh Meng Seng

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