Thursday, March 08, 2007

Project on Cultivating Political Talents

After a long retreat from active political participation on the ground, I have reformulated the direction that I should move for the next 5 years.

I have just given an exclusive interview to 93.8 Live about this project. I will be joining Think Centre as well as NSP to embark on this project of cultivating a critical mass of political talents for Singapore. This is in line with my vision of developing a progressive democratic political system for Singapore. This could only be done when there is more balance within the present political system and without the necessary political competition, this could not be achieved.

The mid-term aim is to cultivate and groom enough candidates to contest in all 84 seats as a whole. The long term aim is to build up a feasible model that political renewal could be achieved at all levels in a continuous, sustainable way.

The programs that I intended to start with Think Centre is as follows:

1) Media Training I : Rally Speech Training (Scripting & Speech Delivery)
2) Media Training II : How to Conduct Media Interview
3) Media Training III : How to Conduct Press Conference
4) Media Training IV : Branding Strategy
5) Media Training V : The Tricks Camera Can Do
6) Media Training VI : The Strategy for New Media
7) Political Education I : Political History of Singapore
8) Political Education II : The Electoral System in Singapore
9) Political Education III : Political Ideologies
10) Political Education IV : Political Systems
11) Political Education V : Overview of Singapore's Political Development
12) Political Education VI : Political - Economic Structure of Singapore
13) Political Education VII: Legal Perspectives of Politics in Singapore
14) Electoral Campaigning I : Pre-Election Preparations
15) Electoral Campaigning II : Overview of Campaigning (include logistics aspects)
16) Electoral Campaigning III: Election Agents, Polling Agents & Counting Agents
17) Electoral Campaigning IV : Candidates & Election Strategies
18) Electoral Campaigning V : Post Election Management

The above are the basic skeletons of what I intended to do. They are not fixed yet and subject to changes. Most probably Guest speakers or trainers will be invited to conduct these sessions which will be in a form of interactive learning and experience sharing.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

hahahhaha all 84 candidates if u can get 4 i salute u.

Warren said...

Nothing is impossible!

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"
Walt Disney

Anonymous said...

Oh no.....GMS and his wayang again

Anonymous said...

Even the esteemed LTK and CST dare not make such a claim! How arrogant can this PC repair man get? With such an asshole in NSP, I'm sure it will go into decline very soon!