Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Shooting Stars?

I was talking to someone and he mentioned that I am just like a "shooting star". I gave him a big smile and say that he will be very disappointed if he is going to spend time watching the sky for this little shooting star!

On second thought, I think his view is very common among many Singaporeans who are more aware of Singapore's politics. There are quite a number of "shooting stars" in opposition politics. Even PAP has quite a number of "shooting stars", especially those "one term MP". However, there are some misconceptions here. Some veteran politicians might have chosen to work on the background after their first appearance as a candidate for a particular political party. In fact I have known quite a number of past WP candidates who are still with WP after they retire from frontline politics. Some of the them are still active in one way or another.

Personally, I have unfinished business in the political process. I may or may not participate in the next GE as a candidate but rest assure that I would definitely be working on the background to support and help out anyone who needed help in the political process.

Many options are opened now for me and I am keeping them open for the moment. I was contemplating of writting a book on Election Campaigning in Singapore so that I could share whatever experience I have garnered in GE 2006 with other potential contenders in future or even present alternative parties' members. Election Campaigning needs to be planned quite a few years in advance, right from the strategic considerations to how to conduct systematic political activism on the ground, designing the stage, preparing the venue for press conferences/rallies, conducting various seminars and training for potential candidates, logistics and manpower planning, roles of election and counting agents etc etc. It would be a good book for anyone who wants to contest in an election, especially those who plans to stand as an independent candidate.

The only problem is that I do not have the necessary skills and experience in writing a book! Besides, such technical book on political participation may not sell well in Singapore! ;)

The next best thing I could do is to help other political parties in their preparation for the next GE.

Whatever my plans will be for the coming years, I am very sure that I will still be politically active in one way or another. Who knows, I may start my very own NGO/ think tank or political party one day! ;)

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

I think Goh has given very clear reasons as to why he wanted to leave WP so that he can start his own NGO/think tank/political party.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you in your future endeavours. Just remember, whatever you do there'll be "people" snaping at your feet at every turn, everyday. Then ask yourself whether you can take it and why you are taking it.

Anonymous said...

GMS, please go and look at your own reflection in the toilet bowl!

You have been utterly disgraced in the papers! All Singaporeans know what a petty intolerant shit you are! Who will support you? Mudslinger?


Anonymous said...

Bingo. Just when I was wondering where the hell are the despot's shit eating dogs .... enter anon 12:17.

It's alright. Cool it. Nothing to worry here. Friends and I are running a lottery on many times you dogs will comment here. Stakes are high. So keep posting, dogs.

I got you dogs for 7. Seven shit spewing commentries to end Dec. Keep it coming till the big number 7 and I'll have a very happy xmas n new year.