Wednesday, January 18, 2006

WP Manifesto

The long awaited Manifesto of Workers' Party has been successfully launched on 14 Jan 2006. There are 52 pages which included 14 chapters that cover almost all aspects of governance in all the ministries.

Among the more prominent BOLD ideas included in this Manifesto are those involving Proportionate Electoral Representation, Justice, Transport, Education, Freedom of Information, Unemployment Insurance, Healthcare financing and CPF.

The following is the outline of the Manifesto:

IntroductionChapter 1: Government and Civil Liberties
1A. Elections & Parliament
1B. Constitution
1C. Civil Service1D. Civil Liberties
1E. Cabinet

Chapter 2: Justice, Law and Order
2A. Judiciary2B. Legal Aid
2C. Protection of Victims
2D. Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code
2E. Others

Chapter 3: Economic Policy
3A. SMEs and Local Businesses
3B. Potential Sectors of Growth
3C. Others

Chapter 4: Society
4A. Disabled
4B. Elderly and Family
4C. Unemployed
4D. Community
4E. Others

Chapter 5: Education
5A. Replacement of The Streaming System
5B. Balanced Resource Allocation
5C. Tertiary Education
5D. Others

Chapter 6: Health Care
6A. Medishield and Public Health Insurance
6B. Containing Health Care Costs
6C. Step-Down Care Facilities

Chapter 7: Public Housing
7A. Home Ownership
7B. Housing Administration

Chapter 8: Public Transport

Chapter 9: Environment

Chapter 10: National Security
10A. National Defence
10B. Foreign Affairs

Chapter 11: Arts, Media, Information and New Technology
11A. Arts
11B. Media
11C. Information
11D. New Technology

Chapter 12: Sports and Recreation

Chapter 13: Population

Chapter 14: Labour Policy and CPF
14A. Trade Unions
14B. Central Provident Fund
14C. Employment Act

This Manifesto is sold at $5.00 each. If you are interested to buy a copy, you could either email me or buy a copy at Workers' Party HQ Monday Open House (excluding Public Holiday) from 8.00pm to 9.30pm weekly, at 216 Syed Alwi Road #02-03.

Goh Meng Seng


Anonymous said...

Not i wanna say la... Like who will go and buy the manifesto except ur diehard supporters leh? At least try to get some bookshops (kinokuniya is worth a try cos they got sell Dr Chee's books) or newspaper stands to carry it what.

If this goes on like this very few will know what was being propose by u all and all the efforts will be wasted... haiz

Anonymous said...

Just a harmless comment, I think you should try mass producing it and give out for free, or sell it at a dollar or so.
In order to reach out to more people ;) Much lesser people would buy it at $5 than pricing it at a dollar or even free.
Its a small loss, but if you value it in the long run......

Anonymous said...

Yeah $1 is cool at least they will keep it. Free would means going to the rubbish chute pretty soon.

suggestion said...

If it is the Workers' Party's intention for ideas of this Manifesto to be known to the public, I would suggest that you make it available for free on your website.

Anonymous said...

All the cheapo wana publication for free. Giving out free things will be of no value, after reading will be thrown away. Putting a price tag on adds value on the publication. If people are truly interested what is SGD$5 for a publication? That amount would not even cover the thoughts and preparation behid the publication.
It shd be made more easily available esp at MRT cos many would buy.