Monday, May 07, 2007

Singapore Political Comics

The above Comic is taken from Insane Poly -- Elite Girl

I remember during my university days, one of the most "shocking" political news is about the authority ordering an comic artist to remove one of his creation from his exhibition because the comic he drew is seen as "offending" someone up there. The reason given was that Singapore is an "Asian" country/society whereby political leaders should be respected and should not be made fun of, even in comic art.

The irony is that we always see local newspapers, be it English or Chinese papers, have been putting up comics drawn on other political leaders around the world, including some of our neighbouring countries leaders. Aren't our neighbouring countries "Asian"? Shouldn't they be "respected" and not "made fun" of?

This has puzzled me quite a bit even up till now. Once a while, you could still see some comics about political leaders around the world, be them "Asian" or otherwise, being printed in local newspapers. But you could hardly find any comics of our Singapore political leaders; well, maybe on opposition leaders but hardly any ministers, as far as I could remember.

Anyway, the wonders of this digital age is that citizens could freely express themselves in this cyberspace. The following are some links to political comic sites; well, be warned that they are persistently political. ;)

Insane Poly -- Elite Girl
My Sketchbook

Enjoy yourselves!;)

Goh Meng Seng


kai said...

Here first before the resident troll!

Funny comic, btw. hahaha

Anonymous said...

GMS has always claimed to be a university grad but many forumers had in fact jus labelled him as a "PC repairman" meaning to say a technical cert like NTC/ITC, could Mr Goh once and for all showed us his university degree?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe GMS is actually a university graduate. He still got face to criticize the PAP leaders when he has publicly disgraced NSP by quarreling with a female forumer on SBF like a chow ah kua, I bet he will again "resign" from NSP very soon!

Anonymous said...

Mr Goh, why do you always plagiarize the works of others? Are you so dumb that you can't come up with anything original of your own?

Anonymous said...

That comic is great!

Taiwan could never have enough skilled creative talents!

How about just move to Taiwan?

We got the Democracy that Skilled and Creative Singaporeans are looking for!


Anonymous said...

Life is too short to waste!!

If not, think of your children!!